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Managed Network Security

HTC understands the importance of securing its network and protecting its customers from network threats and annoyances. The Company promotes the security of its network and customers by providing resources to its customers for identifying and reporting threats such as spam, viruses, firewall issues, and phishing schemes. HTC also deploys spam filters in order to divert spam from an online customer’s email inbox while allowing the customer to control which emails are identified as spam.

As a normal practice, HTC does not block any protocols, content or traffic for purposes of network management except that the Company may block or limit such traffic as spam, viruses, malware, and deny service attacks to protect network integrity and the security of HTC customers. HTC filters ports to reduce the spread of computer-related viruses and protect personal computers from intruder access. If HTC suspects traffic originated by a customer is virus related, HTC will contact the suspected party. If there is no response from the customer, the customer’s service will be suspended until the issue can be resolved. HTC does not currently engage in any application-specific behaviors on its network, except as may be listed in the Specialized Service section of this policy.

HTC E2IT Network Security protects your business from inappropriate, incorrect, or abnormal activity. This may include network attacks against vulnerable services, data-driven attacks on applications, unauthorized logins and access to sensitive files, and malware such as viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.

For every network we build, we provide the best security available through firewalls, virtual private networks (VPN) solutions, IDS/IPS, and Anti-X solutions to ensure that a company's network is secure. If your business needs help managing the ever-changing opportunities and challenges presented by computers, turn to the HTC E2IT experts.

For more information, call 843-369-E2IT (3248).

Managed Firewall Security

Is the security of your business at risk? What websites are your employees visiting during work hours? Are their online activities causing drains on your bandwidth or exposing your network to threats?

Our Managed Firewall service will answer those questions and more!

  • Ideal for small and medium sized businesses
  • Keeps your network safe from new and evolving threats
  • Automated weekly reports track your Internet activity and monitor the productivity of your employees
  • Complete installation, management, maintenance and support
  • Optional 802.11N wireless capability
  • As low as $69.95 a month with FREE installation!

Call for a quote and complete details on this high performance network protection! For more information, call 843-369-E2IT (3248).

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