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HTC and other independent telephone companies and cooperatives are the owners of Spirit Communications. Established in 1985,  Spirit initially served the independent telephone and cooperatives of South Carolina, but now has expanded its retail operation into North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida with the capability to provide wholesale services nationwide.

Spirit and its leaders believe that the future of business, educational, social, economic, healthcare and industrial development depends on the availability of a strong telecommunications infrastructure. To achieve this, they combined their efforts to ensure the state received the latest, most innovative technology for voice, data, Internet and fiber optic solutions, along with a full suite of cloud services.

Spirit stays on the forefront of innovation by releasing one new product every three months. Ranked among the top 35 privately held firms in South Carolina, Spirit serves thousands of customers in more than 150 service locations.

The 11 companies that make up Spirit Communications include:

  1. Chesnee Communications, Inc.
  2. Comporium
  3. Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
  4. Hargray Communications
  5. Home Telecom
  6. Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
  7. Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
  8. Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative
  9. Sandhill Telephone Cooperative
  10. TruVista
  11. West Carolina Rural Telephone


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