ESI designs and manufactures a variety of innovative business phone systems to give workplaces a competitive edge. Their award-winning systems are famous for making advanced capabilities easy to use, and now HTC is making it easy and affordable for your business to get an ESI phone system. Three models are available from HTC – the ESI-50 digital phone system, and the ESI-100 and ESI-200 communications servers.

The ESI-50 is an all-in-one digital phone system that includes a full-featured voice mail/automated attendant, messages-on-hold feature, and enhanced Caller ID. Everything about the ESI-50 will add up to simplicity for your staff. The display is large and easy to read. The dedicated function keys mean there are no codes to memorize. And the digital phone system teaches you how to use and program it, and even reminds you to change your personal greeting after a trip.

The ESI-100 and ESI-200 are flexible communications servers that vary primarily by call-handling and voice message storage capacity. They support both digital telephone and IP-to-the-desktop in any desired combination. Due to the expandability of the ESI-100 and ESI-200, they will meet your phone needs now and for years to come.

Some of the most popular and useful features of all ESI phone systems are:

  • ESI-Dex - This electronic rolodex on your phone will speed dial any number in up to three lists – personal, complete office/system, and inbound Caller ID information.
  • Help Key - Gives pre-recorded verbal assistance and prompts for every system feature.
  • Record Key - Press to record conversations as they are taking place and/or personal reminder memos.
  • Caller ID - Allows you to identify the last 25 callers that placed calls to your phone and return the call by pressing a single button.
  • Virtual Answer Keys - Allows you to record special messages for certain callers that will play when you are on another call.

When you purchase an ESI phone system from HTC, our professionally trained technical staff will do installation in a minimal amount of time. This simple start-up process, combined with the Help Key that walks you through any of the features, makes a switch to an ESI phone system as easy as can be. To find out more, give HTC a call at 843-369-8880.

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