As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, HTC has demonstrated the highest level of competence and expertise in our relationship with Microsoft. Receipt of this designation requires a rigorous certification process to show proficiency in the areas of infrastructure, networking, office auto-mation, e-commerce, collaboration, and business intelligence.

Your company can be even more confident in your selection of HTC as a provider because of our Microsoft Gold Certified status. It means we bring a higher level of experience and knowledge to the table when you require consulting, training, implementation, maintenance/support, and hosting services. HTC will provide the right technology solutions for your company’s needs, leading to increased productivity and decreased headaches.

The Microsoft Gold Certified designation also indicates that a company has proven experience in, and a deep commitment to, one or more specialized areas of Microsoft technologies. Each area has its own certification process and requires a portfolio of customer references from actual work performed. For HTC, the Microsoft Competencies are in the areas of Information Worker Solutions, Mobility Solutions, Small Business Specialist, and Networking Infrastructure.

In addition, HTC earned the right to access enhanced resources from Microsoft such as Microsoft Technical Services Coordinator and Microsoft's Partner Knowledge Base. These resources enable HTC to more effectively meet your needs by developing customized and cost-efficient solutions.

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