HTC has a longstanding relationship with Mitel and has worked on VoIP projects with them since the early days of Voice over Internet Protocol. HTC is the area leader in this technology and can bring this experience to your business to significantly reduce phone expenses.

Mitel Enterprise VoIP allows voice and data communication over network connections and represents the high end of the VoIP spectrum, offering a more advanced level of performance than residential VoIP applications. With Mitel Enterprise VoIP, a business can connect multiple locations and time zones without callers being aware that everyone is not in the same building. Most importantly, it cuts long distance charges and increases efficiency and productivity. HTC has brought VoIP to small companies all the way up to multilocation organizations such as hospitals and banks. The biggest VoIP benefit is the cost savings, which can be huge. In addition, the company retains more in-house control over their phone system to make changes.

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