HTC now offers an innovative solution to hotels looking for a more reliable wireless system – Smart Wi-Fi technology from Ruckus Wireless.

Smart Wi-Fi technology solves the common interference and signalrange problems(caused bywalls and other obstructions) that can lead to guest complaints. This technology delivers reliable signal quality over an extended range and is capable of automatically adapting to environmental changes. It features a Smart Wi-Fi antenna system called BeamFlex™ that automatically adjusts the signal’s direction toward the intended user in real time and steers it around interference as it is experienced. This allows radio frequency (RF)energy to beefficiently directed ateach communicating device, enabling it to travel farther. The result is a consistently better performing Wi-Fi signal that keeps guests and property owners satisfied.

“HTC was looking for a cost-effective, technically advanced product set to meet the Wi-Fi needs of our customers in the hospitality industry,” says Rick Rush, Manager, Professional Services. “Ruckus Wireless is a next-generation wireless company, known for successfully solving the problems sometimes associated with traditional Wi-Fi systems.”

Rush explains that Smart Wi-Fi technology from Ruckus Wireless provides several benefits to hotels in addition to broader, more reliable signals. “Often, hotel construction prevents installing an ethernet drop into each guest room and retrofitting hotels with Wi-Fi can be a headache for hotel operators. By choosing an easyto-install Ruckus wireless system from HTC, a hotel can give its guests the internet service they demand without disrupting business with construction projects or breaking their capital budget. They can also look forward to lower costs and more streamlined management. And since the technology behind the Ruckus wireless system allows for better coverage, fewer access points are required throughout the building.”

HTC offers complete design, installation, and support services for businesses in the hospitality market that want to add a Ruckus wireless system. We’ll work with you to develop the most effective plan to deliver internet access to all your guest rooms and common areas such as lobbies, conference centers, and restaurants. Smart Wi-Fi technology is also well suited to other small- to medium-size businesses, so even if you’re not in the hospitality industry, it may be time to check this out.

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