Music Choice


Music Choice

Included with Digital Set-Top Box*

900 Music Choice Play
901 Hit List
902 Pop Rhythmic Max
903 Dance/EDM
904 MCU
905 Hip-Hop and R&B
906 Rap
907 Hip-Hop Classics
908 Throwback Jamz
909 R&B Classics
910 R&B Soul
911 Gospel
912 Reggae
913 Rock
914 Metal
915 Alternative
916 Adult Alternative
917 Rock Hits
918 Classic Rock
919 Soft Rock
920 Love Songs
921 Pop Hits
922 Party Favorites
923 Teen Beat
924 Kidz Only!
925 Toddler Tunes
926 Y2K
927 90s
928 80s
929 70s
930 Solid Gold Oldies
931 Pop & Country
932 Today's Country
933 Country Hits
934 Classic Country
935 Contemporary Christian
936 Pop Latino
937 Musica Urbana
938 Mexicana
939 Tropicales
940 Romances
941 Sounds of the Season
942 Stage & Screen
943 Soundscapes
944 Smooth Jazz
945 Jazz
946 Blues
947 Singers & Swing
948 Easy Listening
949 Classical Masterpieces
950 Light Classical
*All set-top box rentals for commercial establishments require an additional $19.99 monthly Music Choice licensee fee per property. Rate subject to change. **SWRV HD 899, not available in all areas.

For more details on HTC Cable programming please call 843-369-8984.

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