Digital TV Channels


Digital TV Channels

Several channels provided by HTC Digital Cable in digital and High Definition format are available for viewing with digital televisions with built-in QAM tuners without the need for a set-top box. Per FCC requirements, HTC Digital Cable is required to provide High Definition signals from local broadcast stations unscrambled. At this time, those signals are available unscrambled in addition to several other digital and high definition channels, most part of the Basic Cable package. From time-to-time, excluding local broadcast channels, these channels may be scrambled and removed from the list below for various reasons, including contractual issues with programmers. A periodic rescan of your television may also be required to assure all channels are received. Advanced notice of updates concerning changes will be posted here and in the Maintenance Alert section on this web site.

3-1 HLN HD
5-1 ABC Family HD
7-3 WFXB Weather (SD)
7-4 WFXB MeTV (SD)
8-1 ETV HD
8-3 South Carolina Channel (SD)
10-1 WMBF HD
10-3 WMBF Bounce TV (SD)
10-4 WMBF This TV (SD)
13-1 WBTW HD
13-3 WBTW Antenna TV / MyNetworkTV (SD)
15-1 WPDE HD
15-2 WPDE Weather (SD)
16-1 WWMB HD
22-1 QVC HD
71-18 VOD Promo
71-913 HTC Channel 4 (SD)
72-9 PPV Promo
95-2 UNCTV (SD)
96-1 CBS Sports HD
96-2 CBS Sports (SD)
98-2 Beach TV (SD)
99-1 through 99-46 Music Choice
99-47 SWRV (SD)
*Not all digital television will accept PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol) data. Channels may not match above numbering depending on television model.

For more details on HTC Cable programming please call 843-369-8984.

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