103 Destination America   on 703    
104 Nat Geo Wild
105 Crime & Investigation
106 Discovery en Espanol
108 American Heroes Channel    
109 Military History
110 Science Channel   on 710    
111 INSP   on 711
112 Discovery Family   on 712    
113 Disney Junior    
114 Nicktoons
116 Teen Nick    
118 Nick Jr    
119 Sprout    
120 Disney XD   on 720    
121 Boomerang    
122 BBC America    
123 Fusion
124 FYI   on 724    
126 Viceland
129 EWTN   on 729
130 GSN
132 Cooking Channel    
134 DIY    
140 UP TV    
142 MTV2    
143 MTV Jams
144 MTV Classic    
145 BET Soul
146 CMT Music
148 MTV Hits
149 GAC
150 Outdoor Channel   on 750    
151 Discovery Life    
158 Fox Sports 2    
160 ESPNews   on 760
162 ESPNU   on 762    
166 Big Ten Network   on 766
170 Independent Film   on 770    
171 Sundance
172 FX Movie Channel    
180 NFL Network   on 780    

For more details on HTC Cable programming please call 843-369-8984.

HTC Member Connections Bundle Calculator

Click on our Bundle & Save calculator to add up your savings! You’ll see how the more you bundle the more you save!

"Love my HTC bundle pack. We have High speed internet, cell phones and cable all for one low price. And great team members for questions if I need help!!" - Tabitha R, Conway
"One bill and save a lot of money by bundling. Cellphones, internet, cable, landline, and security system." - Kimberly F, Aynor
"I bundle cable, internet, wireless, & landline phone. Even got family to switch because it is the best." - Richard L, Conway
"Love HTC. I bundle security, Internet, and cable. I love the convenience of having an office right down the street from my office to go in and pay my bill or ask any questions I have. " - Melissa T, Loris
"We have cable, Internet and home phone. So great have all bundled together instead of numerous bills. Hubby is super excited about SEC network. Thanks again HTC!!!!" - Emiley C, Conway
"The best part about bundling is having one bill! Having one bill for my telephone, cable, internet, and alarm system is awesome!" - Sherita G, Longs
"We bundle our home phone, cell phones, cable and home alarm system. We love the service from HTC!" - Andrea C., Conway
"We bundle internet and cable - best thing is quick and friendly customer service. " - Katie P, Conway
"We have the bundle internet, cable, wi fi, landline phone. Always get the courteous help. Love HTC!" - Michael C, Conway
"Great convenience, one bill, great service ... we've bundled, internet, cable and land line phone ... love the patient helpful people when you call with a problem." - BJ, Myrtle Beach
"One bill and you're done! I bundle cable, cells & internet!" - Deb B, Conway