Enhancing Your Entertainment Experience!

With HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Encore and STARZ!, you have got even more reason to take advantage of our Premium Digital Packages on HTC Digital Cable. HTC Premiums start as low as $5.99 per month!

Take a look at HBO! Catch new Hollywood premieres and powerful original movies and series you can not see anywhere else and much more.

Check out Cinemax! With more than 170 titles a month, Cinemax delivers the most movies on premium TV. Plus a new movie premieres every Friday night ... It's the movie service for the movie fan.

Showtime really sizzles! Explore the world in weekly Showtime Original Series, exclusively Showtime Original Pictures and championship boxing. Get it all - uncut and commercial-free - only on Showtime.

Encore provides a great selection of movies you want to see again and again.

STARZ! features new hit movies and world premieres from STARZ! Pictures.  Uncut and commercial free, STARZ! shows more first run theatricals in prime time on 8 different channels.

EPIX is BIG MOVIES including top hits from Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM Studios.

HBO - $17.99
Cinemax - $12.99
Showtime - $14.49
Starz - $8.99
Encore - $5.99
EPIX - $10.00

Premium Package Discounts:

2 Premiums - Save $2.00

3 Premiums - Save $4.00

4 Premiums - Save $6.00

5 Premiums - Save $8.00

Digital set-top box required. Premiums not available for purchase in commercial establishments. Subscription to EPIX does not count as premium for multiple premium discounts. EPIX discounts available with subscription to multiple HTC services.

For more details on HTC Cable programming please call 843-369-8984.

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