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As a proud member of our community for over 60 years, we are committed to providing the most reliable communications services at the best possible value.

This commitment to you guides us in everything we do. That’s why we’ve invested $330 Million over the past 10 years to upgrade our products, from building our digital cable offerings to providing the latest in advanced services to upgrading our Network for the fastest internet speeds. 

To give you the best value in digital cable, we work hard to keep your bill as low as possible. In fact, the average basic cable bill in the US has increased every year since 1995, and is now ringing it at $71.  During this time, HTC has kept our members’ basic cable bill much lower than this amount by foregoing increases in many years and absorbing them ourselves.  HTC has also refunded over $117 Million in Capital Credits to our members since 1979.

And although our members enjoy some of the lowest cable rates around, HTC still provides all of the cutting-edge products and services you want, all in one place:  home phone, security, digital cable, wireless services and high-speed internet.  Our digital cable packages have channels for every member of your family, and TV Everywhere and video on demand are already included as part of your service, so there’s no extra cost to enjoy your TV on your terms, wherever you go.  There are also discounted rates when you bundle multiple services together for an even better value.

Ever wonder about the fees that make up your monthly cable bill?

Learn about the 3 'C's that drive Cable Costs >>>  

Your monthly bill has two big cost buckets:

  • Cost to Provide Service
    This includes installation costs, maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure, employee salaries and normal expenses common to every business, such as rent, power and postage.
  • Programming Costs
    All Satellite and Cable Providers (TV Providers) pay each Network owner and broadcaster a fee for every household that receives a particular channel every month – regardless of whether anyone in the household actually watches it.  These costs have dramatically increased at 3½ times the rate of inflation over the last 15 years. Today, HTC pays over 75% of every dollar for our Cable service rates directly to Networks.  

Out of control programming fees are consistent across all TV Providers. Our competitors have been vocal about the need to raise rates as programming costs continue to climb.  Mike White, CEO of DIRECTV, talks about the need to raise rates due to the impact of programming increases, especially from broadcast stations and sports Networks, in this article:

HTC has looked long and hard at how to keep our members’ bills as low as possible in light of these skyrocketing programming fees.  We were able to push out a rate increase to allow more time to give our members the most savings, and dropped the total amount of the rate increase.  Although we aren’t happy with a $6.50 rate increase, either, it covers less than half of the total programming rate increases for this past year;  HTC will be absorbing the remaining costs.

So exactly how do Networks affect your bill?  It’s something we call the ‘3 C’s’ – Content, Consolidation and Competition – and we’ve put together this 101 for our members to learn more about it.

We welcome your questions and thoughts on this subject that is important to us all, so please email us here

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