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It doesn't matter if you're a power user accustomed to lightning fast downloads and always-on access, or someone who just needs to check on your email from family and friends - HTC High-Speed Internet has a plan and pricing perfect for you. 

HTC is making significant speed increases in our high-speed internet network. Our goal is to provide faster new speed tiers starting with up to 75Mbps download throughout the majority of our network by the end of 2017.

Our fiber neighborhoods and most of our non-fiber areas have been engineered for faster speeds. Once an area has been upgraded, all new high-speed internet accounts will be provisioned with the new faster speeds and associated pricing. Those with existing accounts are encouraged to contact us to be upgraded to the new speeds. 

HTC is sending notification to customers where new speeds are available. Customers may receive new speeds once notification announces availability by contacting one of our Customer Relations Associates. 

For more details, please call HTC High-Speed Internet at 843-369-8982.

For Business pricing, please call 843-369-6850.

For Internet Technical Support, please call 843-365-2186.

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