Email Features

Your new HTC Email has features and options that provide many functions to save you time and support your various activities. To get you off to a quick start, we’ve included a few simple activities below. And, to learn much more about the feature rich  webmail product that supports the HTC Email, watch videos.

Suggested Videos - Customize Preferences, Managing Your Inbox, Mail Filters, Manage Your Address Book and more...


How do I orient myself with the new webmail?
First take a look at the layout of your new webmail! There is a navigation bar across the top from which you can select your actions (email, calendar, contacts). There is a Help folder just under your user name in the upper right corner – click the drop down arrow.

How do I send a message?
Click on the tab called Mail. Click on New Message.

In the To: box you can either type an email address or you can click on To: to see a list of your existing contacts. Highlight by clicking on the contact to send the email. Then click the To: button.

Where did my draft go?
If you composed a message but didn't save it as a draft, it will auto-save and link to your navigation bar. Simply click the title to open or click the x symbol to delete it.

How do I include an attachment in the email?
Click on the down arrow on the Attach button and select where your attachment is saved (your computer, contacts or mail). Choice of Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc. and from there Highlight your attachment. Click the Attach button at the bottom of the box.

How do I add a contact?
Click on the Address Book tab. Click on the arrow on the New Contact button and select Contact (or you can add them to a group). 

Enter your new contact information by completing the entries. You can even select how you want to save the entry (Last, First). Once you have entered the information, click Save in the left corner, (if you forget to Save, this will appear on the navigational bar and can be retrieved prior to exiting Webmail. 

I was expecting an email but did not receive, where is it?
Sometimes emails may be considered SPAM and they will be deposited into the SPAM folder in the Mail tab. You can view and move the email to your Inbox.  

How do I make sure to always receive emails from certain email addresses?
You can build a list of Trusted Addresses. Click on the Preferences tab. Then select Trusted Addresses..

How do I adjust SPAM levels so I receive more or less of what some people might consider SPAM?
On the Mail Tab select SPAM Settings and click the appropriate box.

How do I make changes to the default actions like Signatures and Filters?
Administration functions can be changed by clicking on the PREFERENCES tab on the navigational bar. Click on Signatures and make your selections using the various options available.


What else can I do in the new HTC Email?
Your new Webmail has many options and we hope you will take time to explore and make use of these. Remember you can get Help by clicking on the down arrow next to your user name and selecting Help. 


What happens if I don't use my email?
If you don’t access your e-mail account for 120 days, it may be deactivated and no longer receive messages. You can keep your account active by logging in to your email using your username and password.  If you’ve misplaced username and password information, contact us at 843-365-2154. 

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