HTC Email & Online Tools

HTC Email powered by Google™ gives HTC High-Speed Internet customers with an email address the following features:

  • Access from anywhere, which allows you to access your emails using any computer and cell phone!
  • Powerful spam blocking technology to eliminate the most unwanted emails.
  • Spell check and formatting tools that enhance email composition.
  • Contact list with import/export tools to provide easy address book transition.
  • Tons of storage for a bulk of emails - 7416MB and growing!
  • Easy-to-use system that labels Sent and Draft files to keep mail organized.
  • Search Mail feature to find lost emails quickly.
To learn more about HTC Email powered by powered by Google™, here are links to a number of simple videos:

Learn more about
Google™ Calendar

Google Calendar provides HTC High-Speed Internet customers an excellent organizational tool that can be shared, synced with clients and cell phone, formatted to suit individual tastes and used offline!

Learn more about
Google™ Docs

This Google feature, sometimes referred to as "cloud computing," gives HTC High-Speed Internet customers the ability to create, upload and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for online and offline work.

For more details, please call HTC High-Speed Internet at 843-369-8982.

For Internet Technical Support, please call 843-365-2186.

HTC Member Connections Bundle Calculator

Click on our Bundle & Save calculator to add up your savings! You’ll see how the more you bundle the more you save!

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