Local Service

HTC Local Telephone Service

HTC is your hometown choice for world class service - local service that's been reliable for more than 60 years. HTC brings you Custom Calling Features, Voice Mail Services, Bundle & Save Programs and more!  Some customers can take advantage of our Enchanced Phone Service which allows customers to control their phone online from anywhere at anytime, giving you the freedom and flexibility to:

  • View call history
  • Program call forwarding, acceptance and rejection numbers
  • Activate and deactivate calling features

For more details, please call HTC Customer Service at 843-369-8987.

Local Calling Area

Calls within your local calling exchange are FREE! Plus, calls to many of your neighboring calling exchanges are free too! Use your home phone to take advantage of free calling to many of your neighboring exchanges. For all other calls, check out one of the many HTC calling packages designed to save money on calls from your home phone.

Measured Extended Area Service (MEAS)

Connect to Calls Outside Your Local Calling Area Within Your Budget

No Bands, Connection Charges, or Clock Watching

The MEAS calling plan at HTC eliminates initial connection fees and calling bands, and charges are not based on the distance between calling destinations or the time the call is placed. Simply choose an MEAS calling plan from the chart below that suits your calling needs. Please keep in mind that this plan only affects MEAS dialing. MEAS rates apply to calls made to exchanges within Horry and Georgetown counties that are not included in your local dialing area.

MEAS Advantage meets the needs of customers who dial MEAS exchanges sporadically. MEAS Value and MEAS Select are designed for customers who make many MEAS calls in a month or who have consistency in their monthly calling patterns. Customers are encouraged to speak with an HTC Customer Service Representative when selecting an option. To reach a Customer Service Representative, call 843-365-2154.

Initially, all customers will be placed on the MEAS Advantage option and will retain that service unless a different option is chosen. If another option is chosen, the new plan will take effect on your next billing date. Customers who choose a MEAS Value plan should understand that minutes cannot be carried over from month to month.

Measured Regional Service (MRS)

Call Anywhere in the Pee Dee for 3¢ A Minute

In addition to MEAS calling, HTC also offers MRS (Measured Regional Service). As a matter of fact, with MRS from HTC, you can call anywhere in the Pee Dee region for a flat rate of 3¢ per minute and no monthly fee.

HTC's MRS service allows you to dial Pee Dee destinations outside your calling area without having to use a long-distance carrier. HTC customers can use MRS to direct dial numbers in Williamsburg, Marion, Florence, Dillon, Marlboro, Darlington, Chesterfield, and parts of Lee and Clarendon counties.

Optional Local Service Calling Plans

MEAS Advantage No Monthly Fee

Pay only $0.025 per minute for every minute you call each month

MEAS Value 10 $10/month

Get 1,000 minutes, and additional minutes are only $0.025 per minute each month

MEAS Value 20 $20/month

Get 2,200 minutes, and additional minutes are only $0.020 per minute each month

MEAS Value 30 $30/month

Get 3600 minutes, and additional minutes are only $0.015 per minute each month

MEAS Select $1.95/month

Pay only $0.0195 per minute for every minute you call each month

MRS Calling No Monthly Fee

Call anywhere in the Pee Dee region for a flat rate of $0.03 per minute

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