Calling Features

HTC offers a lineup of calling features that's both convenient and cutting-edge. Perfect for all of our customers - from those who'd rather keep it simple to the tech-savvy business owners who need to juggle multiple lines. 

Details & instructions for each calling feature are available in the following downloadable documents:

Download Guide in Adobe PDF Format

HTC is pleased to announce that we are upgrading our current voice mail system. Upgrades will begin on September 30, 2014 and continue until December 2, 2014.  A number of new services will be introduced once all current subscribers are moved to the new system. Customer notification providing the date and time that your move will occur will be sent  to you prior to any change in your service. Instructions for managing your new voice mailbox will also be included. An electronic copy of our new voice mail instructions can be found by clicking here.

Calling Features

STANDARD Monthly Rate
Anonymous Call Rejection $1.25

Anonymous Call Rejection allows a customer to deny any calls from ringing the line if the calling party has blocked the identification number. The calling party receives a message that the call is not being accepted due to the identification block.

Automatic Busy Redial $1.25 (50¢ per use)

Automatic Busy Redial will keep trying to reach your party for up to 30 minutes and will ring you when their line is free.
($1.25/month or 50¢/use)***

Automatic Call Return $1.25 (50¢ per use)

Automatic Call Return will return your call to the last person who called or attempted to call you but failed to get an answer.
($1.25/month or 50¢/use)***

Call Forwarding $1.00

Call Forwarding will transfer your incoming calls to another number.

Call Forwarding - Busy Line $1.00

Allows calls that reach a busy signal to be forwarded to a preselected telephone number.

Call Forwarding - Don't Answer $1.00

Allows calls that don't get an answer to be forwarded after a certain number of rings.

Call Forwarding - Fixed Description $1.00

Automatically forward incoming calls to a single, predetermined number.

Call Forwarding- Multiple Paths $1.00

Call Forwarding to Multiple Number Paths.

Call Forwarding - Remote Activation $1.00

With this service you can activate and/or change your Call Forwarding number from a remote location.

Link to instructions >>

Call Waiting $1.50

Call Waiting lets you know, with a short beep, that another caller is trying to reach you. This feature saves time, and emergency calls can always get through.

Call Waiting Deluxe $2.00

In addition to Call Waiting features, Call Waiting Deluxe lets you see the Call Waiting party's phone number while you are on an existing call. Call Waiting Deluxe is used in conjunction with the Caller ID feature.

Call Wake Up/Reminder Call $0.75

This feature provides you with your own wake up or time reminder service 24 hours a day. Simply enter a special code and the time to be called...and relax!

Caller ID - Name and Number Delivery $3.00

With Caller ID - Name and Number Delivery, you'll see the calling party's name and phone number before answering a call.

Caller ID - Blocking $1.00

This handy feature allows you to keep your phone number private and secure by restricting its display temporarily or permanently on the called party's phone.

Caller ID - Number Delivery $2.50

With Caller ID - Number Delivery, you'll see the calling party's phone number before answering a call.

Customer Originated Trace $4.00

Now you can trace an offensive or annoying call by dialing a special code as soon as you hang up.

Do Not Disturb $0.75

Do Not Disturb lets you notify callers when you want a little privacy and adds a measure of safety when you're not at home.

Fixed Call Forwarding $1.50
Help Line $0.50

Help Line lets you choose one telephone number you wish to reach simply by picking up your telephone receiver.

Personal Ring $2.00

Now everyone in your home or office will know who the call is for before they answer by simply listening for their own special ring.

Privacy Defender $4.50

This feature will intercept unidentified calls such as Unavailable or Out of Area. The unidentified callers will hear a recording that indicates the number does not accept calls from telemarketers.

Selective Call Acceptance $2.50

Selective Call Acceptance allows you to screen incoming calls by creating a list of six phone numbers from which you are willing to accept calls. Calls from phone numbers not contained on your list are sent to an announcement that informs the caller that you are not receiving calls at this time.

Selective Call Block $2.50

This feature allows you to block calls from up to six phone numbers placed on your select list.

Selective Call Forwarding $2.50

You can create your own list of six phone numbers that are to be forwarded when they call you. All other calls will ring your phone in the normal fashion.

Selective Ringing $2.50

Identify special and important calls from individuals whose phone numbers appear on your select list of callers. You will hear a distinctive ring when receiving a call from one of the six numbers you included on your list.

Speed Calling 30 $1.25

Now your phone can remember and dial frequently called numbers and emergency numbers. Press 2 buttons to reach 30 frequently called numbers.

Speed Calling 8 $0.75

Now your phone can remember and dial frequently called numbers and emergency numbers. Press 1 button to reach 8 frequently called numbers.

Three-Way Calling $1.50 (50¢ per use)

Three-Way Calling lets you talk to two people in two different locations at the same time! ($1.50/month or 50¢ per use)***

V-Forward $2.00 per mailbox

Receive voice mail messages via email. Open the email message, listen to it, save it on your hard drive, or delete it. You can also forward the message to anyone via email.

ENHANCED Monthly Rate
Call Manager $15.00

Get unprecedented control over when, where and how you receive phone calls. Call Manager includes:  

  • Voice Mail Enhanced
  • V-Forward
  • Call Forwarding Busy and Don't Answer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Selective Call Block
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Selective Ringing
  • Privacy Defender
  • Find Me/Follow Me with Simultaneous Ring
Enhanced Contact Listing Free

Access your contacts from anywhere - and synchronize them with Outlook and other mobile devices. Assign contacts to groups, click- to-dial from contacts or dial-by-name.You can even click-to-email.

FindMe/Follow Me with Simultaneous Ring $5.00

Have your incoming calls "find you" at multiple phone numbers, one after another. If you don't pick up at one number, the call will move on to the next. Or you can have them all ring at the same time.


Live Message Screening $2.50

With Live Message Screening you have the ability to "listen in" or "pick up" on a message as it's being left by a caller.

Privacy Defender $4.50

Control incoming calls with the ability to screen and reject unwanted calls. Privacy Defender intercepts calls from unavailable, unknown or private numbers and requires callers to identify themselves. Preferred callers can bypass Privacy Defender by dialing an access code instead of recording their name - a feature that can be activated or deactivated at any time.

VOICEMAIL Monthly Rate
Voice Mail Basic * $3.50

With HTC's Voice Mail, your calls will always be answered. Whenever you're on the phone or unavailable to answer a call, your calls may be forwarded automatically to Voice Mail. Callers will hear your personal greeting, after which they can leave their own message.

Voice Mail Basic - Child Mailbox ** $2.00

With HTC's Voice Mail, your calls will always be answered. Whenever you're on the phone or unavailable to answer a call, your calls may be forwarded automatically to Voice Mail. Callers will hear your personal greeting, after which they can leave their own message.

Voice Mail Plus * $5.50

With HTC's Voice Mail, your calls will always be answered. Whenever you're on the phone or unavailable to answer a call, your calls may be forwarded automatically to Voice Mail. Callers will hear your personal greeting, after which they can leave their own message.

Voice Mail Plus - Child Mailbox ** $3.00

With HTC's Voice Mail, your calls will always be answered. Whenever you're on the phone or unavailable to answer a call, your calls may be forwarded automatically to Voice Mail. Callers will hear your personal greeting, after which they can leave their own message.

Voice Mail Enhanced $7.50

No need to listen through all your messages to get to the one you want. Easily skip, listen, delete, forward or save any message in your box to your PC. To return a call, just click-to-dial.

*Must have a call forwarding feature for Voice Mail. **Must subscribe to Voice Mail Basic or Plus to add child mailboxes. ***Customers with monthly subscriptions will not be billed on a per use basis. Measured local and long distance per minute charges may apply when direct calls are initiated. Calling features instructions can be found on pages 26-35 of the HTC Telephone Directory. Per use feature access may be removed by calling HTC Customer Service at 843-365-2154. Prices do not include regulatory fees and taxes. Certain other restrictions may apply. Rates may vary based on service area.

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