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Take the HTC Telephone Directory with you on the go with the HTC Yellow Page mobile app. It’s the newest way to access the HTC telephone directory in addition to the print, mini and online versions. Just use your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code on your directory cover and have the HTC Yellow Pages at your fingertips anytime, anywhere!

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Let our sales team help you plan the most effective way to get results with your Yellow Pages advertising. Your customers can find you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 8 out of 10 adults use the Yellow Pages annually. Both print and online versions offer unlimited access to your ad. Printed directories are distributed to all businesses and residences in Horry and Georgetown counties.


Data Publishing            Myrtle Beach Yellow Pages

Contact Data Publishing, the publisher of the HTC Telephone Directory, at (843) 236-3208 or (888) 328-2782 to put your advertising dollars to work.


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