Internet Technical Support

HTC provides our HTC High-Speed Internet customers with professional technical support FREE, anytime day or night. To reach our technical support staff, dial 843-369-8745 (for residential Internet customers). For business Internet customers, call 843-369-8989.

Our staff provides support for Microsoft Internet Explorer (browser) and Microsoft Outlook Express (email service). Basic support will be given for other online technical needs. Please be sure to have your user name and email address available when calling for technical support.

For remote support, please call HTC Internet Support at 843-369-8745 and then click the link as directed:

PC (Team Viewer 9) -

MAC (Team Viewer 9) -


PC (Team Viewer 10) -

MAC (Team Viewer 10) -

If you have any additional questions regarding HTC High-Speed Internet, please visit the Support & FAQ page.



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