Maintenance Alerts

Fiber maintenance in Myrtle Beach area

HTC will continue replacing fiber network circuits on Friday, January 19 in conjunction with an SCDOT project in Myrtle Beach at Highway 17 and 76th Avenue North. The work will be done between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. to minimize the impact on our customers. During this time some customers in the vicinity may experience an interruption of HTC services. If you have a security system connected to an HTC phone line that may be interrupted as well. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have questions or concerns, please call our Repair Department by dialing 611 from any HTC line or 843-365-2186. Thank you.

Sun Spots

Sun outages take place every year during the Spring and Fall when the sun passes behind a satellite. During these mini-eclipses, energy from the sun causes degradation in the video signal. Video customers may experience anything from a slight signal degradation such as tiling to complete signal loss. The outages will be gradual and slight on the first and last days of the cycle, reaching a peak during mid-cycle when the sun is located directly behind the satellite. The exact date, time and severity of these outages will vary. The fall cycle will last several weeks in October. If you experience outages longer than 15 minutes, please contact our Repair Department at 365-2186.

Copper Retirement

Singleton Ridge Road area of Conway

Harbor Towne

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