HTC Helps Members Stay Connected Following Hurricane Matthew

October 14, 2016

Being part of the local community it’s served for over 60 years, HTC wants to continue to help its members stay connected following the impacts of Hurricane Matthew.  Thus, HTC is offering to add 30 days of free call forwarding and voicemail to any HTC business customer or residential customer displaced by the storm itself or by the current river flooding.

Residential members may call 843-365-2154 and business members may call 843-365-2155 for more information.

“HTC realizes the effects of Hurricane Matthew on our members and neighbors have been extensive and this is one way HTC can let them know that we don’t just work here, we also live here,” said Tom Vitt, HTC Director of Marketing. 

Significant progress has been made restoring services that were interrupted at the height of the storm with several locations across the county still relying on generators.  HTC crews are also making preparations all across the county in advance of anticipated rising water levels near rivers and low lying areas.  HTC encourages members and residents who live in flood prone areas to also take the appropriate precautions.

For more information, contact Nicole Hyman, HTC Senior Marketing Coordinator, at 843-902-3838.

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Entry Title: HTC Helps Members Stay Connected Following Hurricane Matthew
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