MicroCell from HTC Wireless & AT&T®

The MicroCell connects to a broadband Internet connection and improves wireless voice and data coverage at home or in a small business environment. A MicroCell is like a mini wireless tower, providing more bars in more places in homes that currently have little or no wireless coverage.



  • Mini Cell Tower
  • Improved Wireless Coverage
  • Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Voice Minutes
  • Security
  • Seamless Call Hand-over

MicroCell Features

  • Improved Wireless Coverage - improved in-home wireless phone coverage
  • Security - you control who has access to the MicroCell; only those people you authorize can use the MicroCell
  • Multiple Users - up to ten (10) users can be authorized to use one MicroCell; up to four (4) approved users can use the MicroCell at the same time
  • Unlimited Voice Minutes - optional MicroCell Unlimited Calling feature for $19.99 a month, providing unlimited nationwide calls while using the MicroCell
  • Seamless Call Hand-over - start calls on your MicroCell and continue without interruption, even if you leave the building

Device Requirements

  • 3G/4G wireless phone/device
  • Broadband service over DSL or cable with 1.5 Mbps or greater download speed and 384 Kbps or greater upload speed
  • Must be located in a market where MicroCells are supported; currently available in NC and SC only

MicroCell Unlimited Calling Feature

Enjoy unlimited calling to anywhere in the domestic United States when using the MicroCell.

  • $19.99 a month for a single line OR a family account
  • Available with an AT&T / HTC monthly calling plan $39.99 or higher
  • Optional calling feature - without the MicroCell Unlimited Calling feature, calls placed or received on your MicroCell will bill according to your wireless calling plan

For more details call HTC Wireless at 843-369-8985.

Limited time offer. See store for details.

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