AT&T Next

Introducing AT&T NextSM

Get the latest smartphones for $0 down with AT&T NextSM at HTC.

How AT&T Next® and AT&T Next Every YearSM Work

We divide the price of your smartphone into installment payments that are added to your monthly bill.

Choose Your Device
Well-qualified buyers can get the latest smartphones for $0 down and no finance fees; they only need to pay the sales tax first.  Down payment options are also available.

Choose Your Installment Plan
Select an option that best meets your needs and budget.

  • AT&T Next:  30 monthly installments; eligible for upgrade with eligible trade-in when 80% of the full retail price is paid off (approximately 24 monthly installment payments).  A 30% down payment may be required.
  • AT&T Next Every Year:  24 monthly installments; eligible for upgrade with eligible trade-in when 50% of the full retail price is paid off (approximately 12 monthly installment payments).  A 30% down payment may be required.

With any option you choose, you may lower your monthly payment by making a down payment.

Add Your Wireless  
Choose a qualifying plan with voice and data.  If service is canceled, your installment agreement balance is due.

Choose When to Upgrade
With either option you choose, you have three ways to upgrade.

  • Early upgrade:  After two months, you can trade in your phone or upgrade early with a lump sum payment that would make you upgrade eligible.  The lump sum will be either 50% or 80% of the retail price of your phone.
  • Reach upgrade:  Pay your monthly installment payments until you reach upgrade eligible (either 50% or 80% of the retail price) with an eligible trade in.1
  • Payoff:  Finish paying off your monthly installment payments, keep your smartphone, and purchase a new one any time.

1These upgrades require the trade-in of your financed smartphone (or one of same make and model) in fully functional and good physical condition and an eligible purchase of a new smartphone with qualifying service.

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AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year:  For smartphones only.  Divides retail price into monthly installments.  Requires 0% APR monthly installment agreement and eligible service.  Tax due at sale.  $0 down requires well-qualified credit or a 30% down payment option is available.  Pay more up front and the remainder of retail price is divided into 30 or 24 monthly installments.  AT&T Next:  30-month agreement with trade-in to upgrade when 80% of retail price is paid off.  AT&T Next Every Year:  24-month agreement with trade-in to upgrade when 50% of retail price is paid off.  Service:  Eligible postpaid service (voice and data) is required and extra.  If service is canceled, remaining installment agreement balance is due.  Examples:  $749.99 retail price (1) on AT&T Next is $0 down and $25 per month or $225 down and $17.50 per month; or (2) on AT&T Next Every Year is $0 down and $31.25 per month or $225 down and $21.88 per month.  Activation or upgrade fee:  $20.  No upgrade fee for line with a smartphone purchased on an installment agreement prior to August 1, 2015.  Waiver of fee subject to change.  Limits:  Purchase limit applies.  Upgrade with eligible trade-in:  Requires payment of percentage of retail price (50% or 80%); account in good standing; trade-in of financed device (or one of the same make and model) in good physical, and fully functional, condition through the AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year trade-in program (excludes AT&T trade-in program); and purchase of new eligible smartphone with qualified wireless service.  After upgrade, unbilled installments are waived.  Restocking fee:  up to $35.  General wireless service:  Subject to wireless customer agreement ( or, for business/government customers, applicable wireless service agreement.  Services are not for resale.  Deposit:  May be required.  Device limits:  Purchase limits apply and prices vary by location.  Credit approval; restocking and other fees; monthly, overage and other charges; usage; and other restrictions per line; may apply.  Pricing and terms are subject to change and may be modified or terminated at any time without notice.  Coverage and service not available everywhere.  You get an off-net (roaming) usage allowance for each service.  If you exceed the allowance, your services may be restricted or terminated.  Other restrictions apply and may result in service termination.


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