You are being notified that there is suspicious activity (Spam, Virus, and Network Attacks) originating from your Internet connection which is violating our Acceptable Use policy.

warningFor more information about our AUP, please check here. Acceptable Use Policy

We recommend you fully update and scan all network devices on the network with anti-virus and malware scan/protection.

We also recommend you change your email and WIFI passwords for extra precaution.  If you have a My Account login, please click My Account to log in and change your WIFI password on your HTC router and/or SCCOAST.NET E-mail password.

If you are using your own WIFI router, please make sure you have Security enabled and change password.

If this activity continues to re-occur your Internet account will be temporarily suspended to protect the integrity of our network.

For further assistance, please contact Technical Support at 843-365-2186.