ACC Network coming to HTC Digital Cable

Big news for Atlantic Coast Conference fans just in time for football season.

ACC Network LogoHTC Digital Cable subscribers will be able to enjoy the ACC Network beginning Aug. 22, the day of its launch.

When the network launches, you will be able to find it on channels 867 (HD) and 67 (SD). The alternate network, which shows additional games if they’re being played, is available on  68.

Clemson and Georgia Tech will play the first live game on the ACC Network at 8 p.m., Aug. 29. 

To sign up, call 843-365-2154.  

8 thoughts on “ACC Network coming to HTC Digital Cable

  1. How about adding the Sportsmans Network. I have asked multiple HTC employees about adding it. Have gotten a different answer every time. What does it take to add the Sportsmans Netwrok?

    1. I will pass this information along to our cable expert. We keep a spreadsheet of requested channels in the event we have space become available.

  2. So what does “sign up” actually mean? Pay more ? I’m considering canceling cause there are not enough H-D channels in this day and age for this price.

    1. The “sign up” is for those members who do NOT have Plus. You will receive the channel on 67 or 867 (HD). As for the HD channels, we are in the process of upgrading our network to add a whole lot more high definition. Just bear with us as this upgrade is under way in some part of the county.

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