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No phone insurance? Let’s fix that.

Broken phone

Drops, slips, and falls can cause your smartphone to take a beating. Now you can guard against accidents that shatter during Open Enrollment.

Through March 31, 2021, eligible AT&T customers outside of the 30-day window can sign up and get Device Protection in the Open Enrollment program.*

If you have an active postpaid wireless account, your device is not damaged and in good working condition, and the program claim limit has not been reached, you qualify to sign up against loss, theft and damage.

Visit one of our HTC Retail Locations today to inquire or sign up. Open Enrollment ends March 31.

*Certain restrictions apply

Turn any house into a smart home

Creating a smart home isn’t reserved for new-construction houses wired with the latest technology. With HTC Connected Home, you can create a voice- and app-controlled environment that allows you to enjoy your space with minimal effort.

Whether you want to utilize your Amazon Echo Dot and ask Alexa to increase the volume on your streaming music, or set your smart garage door controller to open as you turn down your street, HTC can help. With HTC High-Speed Internet, you get the speed needed to operate multiple smart home devices simultaneously. Plus, HTC Connected Home allows you to manage all those devices with a tap on your smartphone.

Want the coffee to start brewing at 6 a.m. each weekday morning? Or, perhaps you want to turn up the thermostat before arriving home, the HTC Connected Home features allow you to do just that. Walk through each benefit of the service with the HTC Connected Home tour.

Technology can make our lives easier, but it also enhances our safety. The security features of HTC Connected Home means you know when a door or window is opened. You can lock or unlock your smart door locks remotely, allowing guests to enter without a key. The indoor and outdoor security cameras give you a crystal-clear picture of what’s happening in and around your home.

Futuristic features can be added to any home when HTC Connected Home is used. Explore the many options available with out home automation and security service.

What can I do with high-speed internet?

HTC offers internet that’s 20 times faster than the average internet speed in the United States. Gigabit internet is now offered through the HTC fiber-optic and cable modem networks.

Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment

HTC High-Speed Internet at 1 Gig allows you to download a 2-hour HD movie in under 25 seconds. Stream from your favorite platform without buffering, even when multiple devices are connected to the Wi-Fi signal. The HD movies and shows offered on HTC TV MAX and other streaming services will display without interruption.

Stay safe

Power your smart home devices, like security cameras, thermostats, and smart smoke detectors. The advanced technology offered in today’s safety devices can’t work to protect your family without a reliable internet connection. With 1 Gig connection from HTC, your entire home receives a constant signal, keeping your necessary devices powered.

Work and learn

Not only can high-speed internet keep your family entertained and safe, but it can also make the difference in your time spent working from home or connecting to a virtual learning program. Download large files with zero wait time, or engage in a live video conference without audio or visual glitches. Even when your children are simultaneously connecting with teachers via virtual learning, your connection is seamless.

Everything at once

One of the most important benefits of HTC High-Speed Internet up to 1 Gig is that you can do all these things at once. The kids don’t have to stop streaming music or watching videos from their tablet for you to connect securely to a Zoom conference call. The fiber-optic network that powers the fast internet speeds supports multiple devices each making their own demands on the bandwidth.

HTC recognizes that high-speed internet is a necessity in today’s world. From entertainment to running a business from home, consistent signal strength reduces frustration and losses from latency. Explore the three internet tiers offered by HTC and check availability for your home.

Freewoods Farm provides educational walk through history

Freewoods Farm is located in the Burgess community of Myrtle Beach. In honor of African American History Month, HTC invites you to explore the only African-American historical living farm museum in the United States.

The farm provides education, documentation and preservation of the contributions of African-American farmers. Visit the farm at 9515 Freewoods Road, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588.

Brent Groome receives Order of the Palmetto

From left, Representative Kevin Hardee, Senator Luke Rankin, Brent Groome, Senator Greg Hembree.

CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA – On Friday, January 29, Brent Groome received the Order of the Palmetto, the highest civilian honor in the State of South Carolina. Representative Kevin Hardee, Senator Greg Hembree, and Senator Luke Rankin presented the honor on behalf of Governor Henry McMaster, recognizing Groome for his 30 years of service to HTC and his contributions to the state and the telecommunications industry.

Throughout his career, and most recently as Chief Executive of Corporate Communications and Government Relations, Groome has led HTC in supporting the local educational system, staying true to the Cooperative’s values and mission, and being the industry leader for improving broadband access to rural communities across South Carolina.

“As Horry County has grown, and our region has grown, it has been critical that HTC be on the front end of the newest, greatest technology,” said Senator Greg Hembree. “Brent has been a leader on broadband in South Carolina and in our area to the point that nearly 100% of Horry County is served by broadband. Brent also has a passion for education and our children and understanding how critical the opportunity for a high quality education is for every child in South Carolina, particularly in Horry County.”

“At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Brent was at the forefront of the conversation with state leaders and internet providers to help connect our students at home and facilitate collaboration across the state,” said Senator Rankin. “Horry County shines in many ways statewide, particularly in the telecommunications world, and that is not accidental. HTC and leaders like Brent have helped us shine by helping people get things done and helping us advance our region.”

“Our state and local leaders have always looked to Brent for insight on industry-related issues,” Representative Hardee said. “He has a keen ability to see every side of the issue, and propose alternative solutions that few have considered.”

“The impact HTC has on its local community, the integrity of its employees, and the changes seen in South Carolina’s movement toward broadband for all would not be what they are today without the leadership and expertise Brent brings to the table,” said HTC CEO Mike Hagg. “He has guided the Cooperative through three decades of change and pioneered innovation that will shape the future of HTC.”

Groome was both surprised and humbled by the honor.

“It’s not about me,” he said. “My accomplishments pale in comparison to what HTC employees do every day to improve the communities where we live and serve. My time has been richly rewarded and I have been truly blessed to work with some terrific people over my tenure on the local, state, and national level.”

AT&T Open Enrollment begins for device protection

Broken phone

Have you ever cracked a screen on a mobile device and wish you had purchased the insurance policy?

Through March 31, 2021, eligible AT&T customers outside of the 30-day window can sign up and get Device Protection in the Open Enrollment program.*

If you have an active postpaid wireless account, your device is not damaged and in good working condition, and the program claim limit has not been reached, you qualify to sign up against loss, theft and damage.

Visit one of our HTC Retail Locations today to inquire or sign up. Open Enrollment ends March 31.

*Certain restrictions apply

HTC successfully completes rural broadband projects

HTC has successfully completed six rural broadband expansion projects in Horry, Marion, and Georgetown counties through the South Carolina Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP). The work was completed within the strict three-month timeline set by the program and offers broadband access to unserved South Carolinians who have been directly impacted by COVID-19.

“Completing projects of this magnitude in such a short timeframe was unprecedented, but HTC was up to the challenge,” said HTC CEO Mike Hagg. “Our success is a testament to the Cooperative’s dedication to bridging the digital divide in our region, and we stand ready to assist the state with additional broadband projects in 2021.”

The projects, valued at $4.6 million, were completed under budget. The BIP program was funded by the CARES Act and managed by the state. The South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) awarded HTC $2.3 million in funding as part of BIP, and the Cooperative matched funding to complete the work by the Dec. 18 deadline.

HTC continues to work with local, state, and federal officials to secure additional funding to continue broadband expansion throughout our region.