TV MAX is HD Access without a Set-top Box

You don’t want to be tied down by a cable cord or set-top box, and we get it. HTC has launched an in-home streaming service that allows members to use their HTC Internet service to stream cable channels in high definition. 

HTC TV MAX also provides access to premium channels and the ability to record multiple channels simultaneously without the rental of a set-top box or DVR.  With this service, members can access their subscription TV service via an app on their own equipment. 

Plus, with HTC TV MAX, you can take your favorite shows on the road. When away from home, use your TV MAX username and password from any internet connection to schedule or watch recorded content from your TV MAX DVR. You can also access full episodes, movies, and more online with your HTC TV MAX subscription through the included channel streaming apps on HTC TV Everywhere. In addition, enjoy the TV MAX platform from a desktop computer or laptop.

  • Pause Live TV: With the ability to pause live TV, you’ll never miss a minute of your favorite show or sporting event. HTC TV MAX provides up to 30 minutes of pause time. You’ll never miss the game winning shot or portion of the movie thanks to this built-in feature.
  • Startover TV: Watch each show from the very beginning with Startover TV. When you select to watch a live program, a small pop-up appears on the screen asking if you’d like to “Restart this program form the beginning?” Click “Yes” and you’ll be taken to the beginning of that program.
  • Lookback TV: Browse through the past 72 hours of already-played programming, depending on the programmer’s permissions, with the Lookback TV functionality. This feature allows you to watch recently aired programs without having to record the show.
  • DVR: Watch your favorite shows when it’s convenient for you with the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) feature from HTC TV MAX. Every HTC TV MAX subscription includes at least 10 hours of free DVR storage across all profiles. There are no limits to the number of channels that can be recorded simultaneously.
  • HD Content: HTC TV MAX offers free HD content included in the service. If we have the channel in HD, we broadcast it to you in HD. No extra channels, costs, or hassle.

Set up your HTC TV MAX account with up to five profiles, with each profile having the ability to capture the individualized watch history for each person and offer personalized recommendations based on content viewed. Pair these benefits with enhanced parental control features and the helpful customer service you’ve come to expect from HTC, and you have a better television viewing experience for the entire family. For additional questions or assistance with HTC TV MAX, call the HTC team at 843-369-8969 or explore the service at

COVID-19 Pandemic Postpones HTC Annual Meeting

The health crisis that is sweeping through our nation has brought about many changes. The impacts of COVID-19 can be seen in nearly every aspect of our lives, and customary events hosted by HTC are not exempt. The much-anticipated HTC Annual Meeting is an opportunity for the HTC leadership team and employees to connect with our members and share in the accomplishments made possible by our members, team, and community.

Planning for the 2020 Annual Meeting, however, is much different. While HTC is still planning to conduct an Annual Meeting this year, we continue to monitor ever-changing space and safety guidelines, which require us to push the date until later in the year.

“Normally, at this time of the year HTC is preparing to see each of you at our Annual Meeting, but as so many have already said, this isn’t a normal year,” explains Brent Groome, chief executive of corporate communications and government relations. “Out of an abundance of caution, and in compliance with the latest State of Emergency orders from Governor McMaster, we will be pushing out the date of the 2020 HTC Annual Meeting. Please be on the lookout for additional information that will be sent out in conjunction with our Annual Report.”

We appreciate the patience and understanding of our members as the Cooperative, much like your own family, learns to adapt to the ever-changing environment caused by this unprecedented health event. We look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming weeks.

Four Must-haves for Quality eLearning

The 81 approved reopening plans for South Carolina school districts all include a virtual learning option. With eLearning front and center as we enter the 2020-2021 school year, access to reliable broadband has never been more important.

Connectivity is what powers your student’s eLearning experience, but there are other elements that can help them succeed as they face these unique learning circumstances. Whether you’ve opted for virtual learning or you want to be prepared in the event distance learning is implemented for the safety of educational professionals and students, be sure to include these four must-have elements for a quality virtual learning experience.

  1. Dedicated work space

Create a space designed for your student to work throughout the day. Clear the area of any distractions and choose a room that allows for silence. A comfortable chair and desk or table that’s clutter-free will help your student focus on the class Zoom meeting, homework assignment, or virtual tutor.

  1. Scheduled breaks

Keep your student on a schedule just as they would at school. With dedicated times for study breaks, lunch, and online social activity, you’ll be able to better monitor their progress.

  1. Reliable internet connection

A strong broadband connection is essential for the many Zoom meetings, research projects, and assignment uploads your student will complete. HTC High-Speed Internet gives your student access to the necessary digital tools to complete their work without disrupting your connection as you work from home or stream entertainment.

  1. Patience

The COVID-19 pandemic has created work, learning, and travel challenges we could have never imagined. As your child participates in online learning, allow time for adjustment. The eLearning experience, even at its best, is entirely new to many students. With your patience and encouragement, they’re sure to make the best of the unprecedented situation.

Explore these home Wi-Fi tips to improve your connection.

Life Connections to Hit Mailboxes in September

The new Life Connections summer 2020 edition will be delivered in September. We’ve all adjusted our schedules and lives in an effort to curb the COVID-19 pandemic and support those who are most affected. The summer issue features an in-depth look at how the health crisis has affected one Conway medical office, postponed HTC events, given birth to new business ideas for a Carolina Forest restaurant, and reminded us all that there are small ways of Helping the Community.

The summer 2020 issue is set to arrive by mid-September, but we appreciate your patience as many areas are experiencing a delay in mail delivery.

Home Security Simplified with HTC


The days of leaving a spare key under the welcome mat are long gone. HTC Connected Home Security allows you to reduce the chance for a crime of opportunity while still making your home accessible to guests. The HTC Home Security Self-Install Kit will allow you to remotely unlock and lock your doors. With the touch of a button on your cell phone, you can welcome guests into your home or allow the neighbor to set a delivery inside the house. Once the package is delivered or the guests are inside, you can lock the door remotely.

HTC understands your family’s wellness is a top priority, so we’re making it easy to protect your home without having a technician involved. As the COVID-19 pandemic creates new versions of education for our children and turns kitchen tables into work-from-home spaces, you want to know your house and all its contents are protected around the clock.

Powered by, the HTC Home Security Self-Install Kit opens up a world of automation and advanced security features, offering a best-in-class solution with convenient control from your smart phone. Plus, you can add additional devices and features to better meet your needs now and in the future. The complete kit comes to your home and can easily be integrated into your home without tools.

The HTC Home Security Self-Install Kit includes:

  • Panel and Power Adapter
  • Motion Sensor
  • 3 Door or Window Sensors
  • 3 HTC Security Window Clings

In less than 15 minutes, you can have the entire system set up and protecting your home. We’re making it easy with unboxing and step-by-step videos on the HTC website. Of course, if you prefer to have your advanced home security system installed by professional technicians, HTC offers a menu of packaging and pricing options.

S.C. guide offers everything you need to prepare for a hurricane

As the typically more eventful portion of hurricane season approaches, South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) is providing its 2020 hurricane guide with tips on how to handle an evacuation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the SCEMD website to view and download your copy of the South Carolina 2020 Hurricane Guide.

AT&T Open Enrollment begins for Device Protection

Broken phone

Have you ever cracked a screen on a mobile device and wish you had purchased the insurance policy?

For a limited time, eligible AT&T customers outside of the 30-day window can sign up can get Device Protection in the Open Enrollment program.*

If you have an active postpaid wireless account, your device is not damaged and in good working condition and the program claim limit has not been reached, you qualify to sign up against loss, theft and damage.

Visit one of our HTC Retail Locations today to inquire or sign up. Open Enrollment ends August 31.

*Certain restrictions apply