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Be Entertained to the MAX

Fall is not only fast approaching, but so is the time of year for the season premieres of the shows you love and the debuts of shows you’re sure to love. And with HTC TV MAX, you’ll never have to miss one second of entertainment!

This is possible thanks to Restart TV, Replay TV and up to 300 hours of Cloud DVR! And you’ll be able to watch from anywhere in your house, on just about any device. And when you bundle with HTC High-Speed Internet, you’ll have whole-home coverage with Smart Wi-Fi to keep your streaming devices performing at optimum levels.

To learn more, visit https://www.htcinc.net/residential/htctv-max/.

4 thoughts on “Be Entertained to the MAX

  1. I’ve responded to numerous surveys on HTC products & services; I have never had better results from previous cable companies I’ve dealt with … bar none. I’ve recently installed Firesticks on our TVS. Having directed a technical IT engineering staff I preached that when we “turn up” a new system on Monday morning we cannot have removed a capability that a user previously had; unfortunately that’s happened with the Firestick/TV Max implementation; for example additional steps are now necessary to access the HTC Guide; additional steps are necessary to access a particular channel. I’ve been in contact with HTC customer support, apparently these type deficiencies are being investigated for solutions but my experience proved that you shouldn’t have implemented the new systems until there was assurance that users didn’t lose capabilities that they previously had.

    1. There are many great features with TV MAX that offers enhanced resources allowing for a better user experience. The scrolling feature is quick, so getting from one channel to another can be done quickly. If you are looking for a particular program, the guide is easy to navigate. If you are looking for your favorite channels and want to access them quickly, there is a solution. A Recently Watched list is located just below the Main Menu. This feature provides a chronological history of the last 14 channels and programs watched. By navigating to the channel icon using the directional buttons remote and clicking Select on the remote, you have a quick and easy way to return to the desired channel/program.

  2. I am trying to download the HTC TV MAX to my Samsung Q6DR TV. I am not having any luck. Am I using the wrong name or is there something I need to do? I put it on my phones without a problem. Thanks.


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