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MLB Extra Innings is your inside scoop to out-of-market baseball coverage on top of your local coverage. HTC offers access to this exclusive look inside all out-of-market games, offering up to 100 games a week from across the country. You’ll experience play from both leagues and every division.

If you’re following a fantasy team or have a hometown favorite club, MLB Extra Innings is your way of following all the action. This digital subscription programming package also includes access to MLB.TV, allowing you to stream from your laptop, smartphone and tablet.  

To access the MLB.TV service, MLB Extra Innings members will need to have an HTC TV Everywhere username and password and will also need to create a user account at If you want to check out MLB Extra Innings before committing to a subscription, explore one of the free preview periods, available March 28 – April 4 and July 12 – July 18.

If you like what you see, grab the package. MLB Extra Innings doesn’t allow purchase of individual games, but you can choose to have the Regular Season, Half Season or Pennant Race Package. Below is the MLB Extra Innings 2020 season rates and package dates. To subscribe, call the HTC customer care team at 843-369-6660.


Dates are subject to change based on revisions made to the season by MLB regarding the Coronavirus.

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