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Is Your Business Secure?

HTC offers Camera Bundles in either analog or IP format. Ideal for small business applications, these cost-effective security systems deliver a crystal clear picture quality that rivals HDTV.

Cameras are ideal for indoor or outdoor use with their compact size, weatherproof housing and IR (infrared) night vision.

HTC can also customize your specific security needs from a simple base security system to one that offers remote functionality in which you could turn your system on or off from a smartphone and/or a personal computer.

HTC offers monitoring for customer-owned equipment, as well as HTC installed security equipment. 

Secure your business now

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Business Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are extremely helpful in protecting your office environment. You can check up on your employees, make sure nothing suspect happens while you’re away, or even monitor your office parking lot when you leave after dark. 

HTC offers security cameras that can be installed in plain sight, or hidden, so that you can record all activity in your business. We can even enable you to view the cameras remotely while you are not in the office from another computer or your smartphone.

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Connected Business


Let HTC help you automate your business with features sure to give you peace of mind.

Operate everything from your lights to your security cameras from your personal computer or smartphone.

Eliminate the need for keys with state-of-the-art entry systems and monitor who has entered and left your building. Watch live video of what’s happening inside and outside your premises in a crystal-clear picture.

Call 843-369-6851, or fill out the form on this page, to let HTC visit and show you how to add peace of mind at an affordable price.

Access Control

HTC offers access control so that you can control who has entry and access to restricted areas.

This can mean high-security areas with door swipes and ID cards to more general applications, such as access to a community pool with gate entry regulated by a HOA.

You determine the level of permission, and HTC will build the solution.

False Alarm Ordinance

Horry County Government implemented a False Alarm ordinance on February 1, 2011. Under this ordinance a monitored residence or business will be allowed up to two false alarm responses within a year, beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 of each year.

Third and subsequent false alarms within this specified time period may result in a $150.00 fine.

The ordinance indicates that if a false alarm is the result of a malfunctioning system, a repair receipt stating that the system has been repaired may be submitted in lieu of payment within ten days of receipt of the False Alarm Notification.

If satisfactory to the county, the fine may be waived. Please note that only one repair receipt may be submitted in a year.

Other False Alarm Ordinances may apply to incorporated areas. Please check with your local government for more information.

For more information regarding the details of the ordinance contact Horry County Government at 843-915-5000.