Cash In On Capital Credits

HTC membership comes with a number of distinct benefits. One of the most notable advantages is Capital Credits. Your HTC membership, achieved through your subscription to a qualifying HTC service, represents proportional ownership of the cooperative.

HTC operates as a nonprofit cooperative, so when a profit is earned, those funds are allocated back to our members in the form of Capital Credits. When HTC achieves financial success, our members reap the benefits. The more services you have with HTC, the greater the opportunity for increased Capital Credits.

In 2020, HTC Board of Directors approved approximately $5 million in Capital Credits. This year’s refund represents a portion of 2005 and 2018 allocation. Members whose Capital Credit refund is less than or equal to $50 will receive the amount in the form of a bill credit. Those credits are distributed on either the member’s August or September statement. Members whose Capital Credit refund is $50.01 or more will receive a check in mid-September.

While the allocation and payment of Capital Credits is dependent upon the Cooperative’s operating condition and need for future capital, we have been able to pay more than $146 million back to our members since 1979. Learn more about the unique benefits of being an HTC member.

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