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HTC announces next phase of broadband expansion in Marion and Georgetown counties

HTC announces next phase of broadband expansion in Marion and Georgetown counties

[CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA July 28, 2021] – HTC announced today $9 million worth of broadband expansion projects in Marion and Georgetown counties, made possible by local public-private partnerships and state and federal funds. These projects, which will build off the success of HTC’s $4.7 million in CARES Act projects, will be complete by September of 2022.

As a local cooperative with decades of experience in building local fiber networks, HTC has the knowledge and skills needed to help bridge the digital divide quickly. After HTC completed its CARES Act projects ahead of schedule, local leaders helped the Cooperative keep the momentum going.

“This second phase of projects wouldn’t be possible without the support of leaders across the community,” said Von Todd, Chief Executive, Corporate Strategy & Analytics. “When HTC stepped up last fall to begin connecting homes in Marion and Georgetown, everyone from the school districts to church leaders to elected officials partnered with us to help champion these additional projects.”

“We are excited for phase two of HTC’s broadband expansion in Marion,” said Marion County Administrator Tim Harper. “This partnership between HTC and Marion County will help improve the lives of our citizens, and we look forward to continuing to find funding for future projects that will continue to expand broadband access throughout our county.”

“HTC’s commitment to Georgetown County began long before the pandemic, but our partnership has allowed us to accelerate broadband expansion and spur transformational change throughout the county,” said Georgetown County Administrator Angela Christian.

HTC is deploying fiber to the home in these areas, which is the industry gold standard for broadband infrastructure.

“With speeds of up to 1 Gig, our state-of-the-art fiber network will allow residents in Marion and Georgetown to seamlessly connect to what matters most,” Todd said. “They’ll also enjoy the benefits of being a local Cooperative member, which includes competitive pricing, 24/7 local technical support, and earning capital credits.”

While these projects won’t cover the entirety of the counties, HTC hopes to announce additional phases in both counties this fall.

Future HTC members can request service by calling 843-369-8633 or by visiting www.htcinc.net/broadbandexpansion.  HTC will notify residents once service is available in their areas. 


About HTC

HTC, Inc. is the nation’s largest telecommunications cooperative.  Founded in 1952, HTC celebrates over 65 years of service to Horry, Georgetown, and Marion counties as a local communications leader.  HTC offers High Speed Internet, Digital Cable, Digital Wireless, Home Security, local telephone and long distance service, and advanced business services such as Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN), Managed Networks, VOIP Solutions, WiFi Solutions, Firewall and Security services. HTC provides these services utilizing the area’s most extensive fiber optic network.

Seven Virtual Job Interview Tips to Land the Gig

Seven Virtual Job Interview Tips to Land the Gig

During a job interview, 55 percent of any message is conveyed through nonverbal gestures. A firm handshake, strong eye contact, how you sit in a chair or fold your hands – all communication signals that are read by your potential employer. However, during a virtual interview, many of those body language cues are eliminated. A confident grip and poised demeanor may leave a good impression on a hiring manager when you meet in person, but how do you become memorable during a virtual interview? Use these tips from industry experts to increase your odds of getting a call back.

Virtual Interview Tips

  1. Test the connection. It doesn’t matter how well your resume fits the job description if you can’t make the virtual connection. Well ahead of your scheduled interview time, test your connectivity. High-speed internet is a must for clear, reliable connection. A fiber-optic network will deliver a high-definition picture and sound quality so you can clearly see and hear the interviewer.
  2. Set the scene. Choose a well-lit space with minimal distractions in the background. If possible, position your seat near a window or blank wall to keep the attention on you. Turn off any nearby electronics, like the television or cell phone, to eliminate background noise.
  3. Look the part. Just as you would dress professionally for an in-person interview, you should do the same for a virtual introduction. Colors tend to appear brighter on a computer screen, so stick with solid, moderate colors like hues of green and blue. Avoid prints, as they can be a distraction. These other attire tips will help you choose the best option for your digital interview.
  4. Do your research. Sit down prepared with knowledge about the company for which you’re interviewing and answers to popular interview questions. Just because you’re sitting at your computer doesn’t mean you can click around for the information you need during the interview. Be present and focused on the questions.
  5. Sit up straight. While you can’t offer the amount of body language involved in a traditional interview, you can be aware of your presence in front of the camera. Sit up straight, keep the camera at eye level, and maintain eye contact. Research shows employers are more likely to remember what you say if you hold eye contact.
  6. Be yourself. Don’t attempt to overcompensate for not meeting in person. One of the main advantages of a virtual interview is that you’re in a familiar, comfortable environment. Relax, and allow your enthusiasm for the position to shine through in a natural way. Engage by asking questions about the role and company.
  7. Follow up. Write a short email of thanks and continued interest to each person who sat in on your interview. It’s customary to send the follow-up message within 24 hours of the interview.

A virtual interview can be your first step into a fulfilling career. Ensure you’re prepared for a virtual meeting with reliable high-speed internet and use the tips above to make a lasting first impression.



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