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Check out the new look from HTC

Over the past year, HTC has taken massive strides within our service area to connect families, businesses, and students to high-speed internet. The COVID-19 pandemic made many aware of how necessary broadband is to our everyday lives. Understanding the role broadband plays in our homes, businesses, and schools, we gave a refresh.

The new homepage introduces a simple, clean experience that makes it easier for members to explore our services. Plus, a new streaming recommendations tool is available to help you decide which service best fits the needs of your family. We invite you to explore and get your personalized streaming service recommendations now.

4 thoughts on “Check out the new look from HTC

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Did you call our technical support team at 843-365-2186 to alert them of what’s wrong? They can troubleshoot most problems right over the phone.

  1. I agree I pay for the highest speed internet and two people can’t be on at the same trine. At 1:00am I couldn’t get on the internet and it has happened more than once. No I didn’t call support because the last time I called they were so rude.

    1. Midnight to 6 a.m. is our usual maintenance window, so you may have experienced some network upgrades or repairs. As for your bandwidth, you will have to call our technical support team. They can troubleshoot the modem or router over the phone and fix the problem. 843-365-2186.

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