Custom Guitar Neck Shaving/Carving

Custom Guitar Neck Shaving/Carving

$ 135

Custom Guitar Neck Shaving/Carving Option
Haywire Custom Guitars Inc.
Guitar Neck Shaving: Back Profiles

Guitar neck shaving, thinning or reshaping a guitar neck, re-profiling a guitar neck or shaping and duplicating guitar necks?
What is a “neck profile?” It simply refers to the shape of the back of a guitar neck. It’s also referred to as the neck “back shape.”
You can find neck and back profiles here:

As a result, you feel more comfortable with your guitar.
Therefore, if your neck is a bit too thick, we’ll shave it for you.

(Send/drop off your neck or guitar to us)

“Just $135.00 plus return shipping back to you” will get guitar neck shaving done to a thickness more comfortable for you.
We’ll also replace the finish on the back to help preserve the wood and keep it smooth and beautiful. Best of all, the turn around
time is 2 days or less from when we receive it”.
2 things when shipping:
First, Ship with the US Post Office. They are less expensive and much more careful with your packages from our experience.
Second, Forget buying “signature required” services. Our postal carriers know where to leave the neck safely and securely.
These two tips will save you money, save time by getting us the neck sooner and delivered safely.
“We are musicians working for musicians”
Send/drop off your neck or guitar to us here:

Rick Mariner c/o

Haywire Custom Shop
2007 Lees Landing Circle
Conway, SC 29526

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