Guitar Repair Services For All Guitars-Electric and Acoustic

Guitar Repair Services For All Guitars-Electric and Acoustic

Guitar Repair Information:
 The Haywire Custom Shop You’ll Get:
Guitar Repairs, Guitar Modifications, Electronic Repair
Improvements for better playing guitars and best of all diagnosis of all guitar problems in addition to:

Guitar Neck Shaving

One Day Urgent Guitar Services
8-Point Tune-Up
Recessed Heel Crest option
Treble Bleed Circuit
Guitar Pickup Replacement
Guitar Neck Refretting

Guitar Neck Repair
A Faster Guitar Neck
Repair A Broken Guitar Neck

Super-wide Neck Replacement 1-5/8 to 1-7/8″
Super-slim Neck Replacement
Guitar Neck Replacement
Custom Guitar Neck Contours

We’re here for the guitar player who needs a great instrument for his or her passion-PLAYING GUITAR!! Sometimes emergency guitar repairs arise just before a gig. It may be: Acoustic guitar repairs, Guitar setups, Stratocaster, Les Paul, PRS or Telecaster adjustments. Any and All guitars will be fixed to your specs.

In addition, maybe a lighter guitar body, better guitar neck, broken guitar parts, guitar setups, guitar pickups. Seems like we get a lot of electronic repairs and other guitar electronics going bad, as well as; Bass guitar issues, and guitar modifications. Furthermore, we have lots of acoustic guitar repairs, treble bleed circuits, guitar hardware, guitar frets, guitar upgrades and replacement guitar parts. More importantly, if your guitar body is too heavy, get a feather light replacement guitar body. Whatever else is “Urgent” to you just bring it in. We’ll do it while you wait and generally no followup visits to pay for.

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