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Guitar Repairs, Setups, Modifications and New Builds

Guitar Repairs, Setups, Modifications and New Builds

Haywire Custom Shop Guitar Repairs
Haywire Guitar Repairs is your place for expert stringed instrument repairs. In detail, upgrades and servicing. Above all, every Guitar is handled by an experienced guitar technician. In particular, we get your guitar in peak playing condition. Check Haywire guitars official website. Largest guitar shop in the Myrtle Beach area with the deals on new and used guitars. Stop in for new guitars, guitar ideas, guitar repairs. In addition guitar upgrades. Professional guitar service and guitar repair in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

Haywire Guitar Repairs and Maintenance

Guitar repairs include: New guitar strings for your guitar, quality guitar repairs, set-ups, modifications, electronics repairs, re-frets
Also, Full 8-point setups
Intonation Setups
Action and truss rod adjustments, fret levels, alignments and more
Guitars for children
Light weight guitars for women
Guitar Fret renew and repair, specifically:
Fret level
Polish new work and test
Recessed Heel Crest Option
All guitar adjustments
Electronics upgrade, Haywire Guitar Repairs & guitar mods, in detail:
Electronic modifications on all stringed instruments
New Pickup installation, hence better signal
Wiring customization with new pots, switches, tone controls, 7 Sound switching and Treble Bleed circuits
Personalized upgrades and modifications
Guitar neck shaving, thinning, profiling as a result, better guitar comfort.
Hardware replacement and repairs , especially:
Hardware customization
Cosmetic enhancements
Guitar Nut repair and replacement bone and graphite, to list:
Nut replacement
Saddle replacement
Fabrication from blank materials
Head stock repair, neck repair, guitar brace and crack repair, so that your guitar will remain stable.

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