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Enjoy an upgrade to faster speeds … at no cost

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HTC is constantly improving its network to bring the latest in technology to its members. We have now raised the download speed of our Standard Tier to 100 Mbps.

So, what does that mean?

It means you will be able to stream more movies, use more devices and enjoy the many things the Internet has to offer without constant buffering. 

We hope you enjoy.

What Do Faster Speeds do for me?

Imagine internet is like a pipe and using the internet is like drinking from that pipe. 

Every time you check an e-mail, review a webpage or update your Facebook status it’s like taking a sip. Watching a YouTube video or streaming a Netflix movie is like taking a bigger gulp.

Early on the internet at your house was most likely connected to one device such as a desktop computer, but over the years more and more internet devices have most likely come into your home.

Speed limitWhether these devices are connected directly to your internet modem or wirelessly by Wi-Fi, each device is drinking a little from the pipe.

With current internet speeds, all these devices are drinking from a smaller pipe such as a straw and if all devices are trying to drink at once, it could take longer to get the data to each of those devices.

HTC wants to make your pipe more like a fire hydrant that is large enough to provide plenty of speed for you and your family no matter how many devices you have connected.

What speeds can I really expect to see?

Your new speed was referenced on your postcard mailer. While those speeds indicate the new speed your for your package, actual speeds can vary.

Specifically speeds are dependent on the device and age of the devices, how many devices may be using the internet pipe at once and also whether you are using a device directly connected to your modem or wirelessly with Wi-Fi.

The speed test below will allow you to test you new speed on multiple devices and we are sure you will see a large difference over your previous speeds. 

Do I have the speed I need?

Check out our handy speed calculator to see how different devices and usage affects your wi-fi speeds.

Hooking up your modem

Wireless Gateway

DG2470 Wireless Gateway

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Click for instructions on how to install the ZyXEL VMG4825.