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Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, our Advanced Product Support team will ask  to connect remotely to your device to help ascertain what a technical problem might be. 

Should you allow this in order to fix your device, you will be directed to this page by one of our support team members and asked to click on one of the links below, which will allow them to access your device.

Download Team Viewer 12 for PC
Download Team Viewer 12 for MAC
Download Team Viewer 10 for PC
Download Team Viewer 10 for MAC

Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 protects copyrighted material from piracy and illegal digital content distribution. The DMCA clarifies the U.S. copyright law, protects computer programs as literary works, and makes it a crime to circumvent technological copyright protection measures (both software-based and hardware-based) on any copyrighted work, be they video games, DVDs, CDs, digital videos, e-books or computer programs. Internet Service Providers like HTC are protected because the DMCA holds the internet user responsible for illegal activities.

The DMCA will not affect you unless you, or someone with access to your internet connection, illegally downloads or shares copyrighted material. This includes unprotected Wi-Fi connections, so even if you do not know someone is using your internet connection to perform these criminal acts you could be held accountable. It is critical to password protect your internet connection Wi-Fi access with strong passwords to prevent unauthorized use. You will be responsible for any and all activities on your internet connection. 

Be sure you do not engage in any illegal internet digital distribution or activities such as downloading pirated videos, music, e-books, games, or other computer programs. Password protect your Wi-Fi connection. Change your password if you believe your internet connection has been compromised. Contact HTC Customer Support Team if you need assistance with password protection.

When you attempt to log onto the internet you will be presented with an HTC web page informing you that your account has been identified as possibly violating the DMCA. You will not be able to access the internet until you acknowledge you’ve read this page. If you receive more than two of these you may permanently lose internet connection and be prosecuted under the DMCA law.

If you don’t access your @sccoast.net e-mail account for 120 days, it may be deactivated and no longer receive messages. You can keep your account active by logging in to your email using your username and password.  If you’ve misplaced username and password information, contact us at 843-365-2154. 

Delete the email. HTC does not ask for account information or verification via email.  Protect yourself online.  Scammers are always busy.  Do not click on anything that looks suspicious.

From time to time, we get a spike in questions from customers about emails that make the rounds.  The emails will claim to be from HTC and ask customers to click a link to provide “proof of ownership” of their webmail account.  Failure to comply would result in the closure of the account.  These messages do not come from HTC and is likely a phishing scam.  If you receive an email like this, please delete and don’t respond in any way.

HTC provides our HTC High-Speed Internet customers with professional technical support FREE, anytime day or night. To reach our technical support staff, dial 843-369-8745 (for residential Internet customers). For business Internet customers, call 843-369-8989.

Our staff provides support for Microsoft Internet Explorer (browser) and Microsoft Outlook Express (email service). Basic support will be given for other online technical needs. Please be sure to have your user name and email address available when calling for technical support.

HTC constantly monitors the use of our high-speed access networks to ensure that quality service and the highest speed available are delivered to our customers. In your home, if you have multiple users, you may need one of our faster speeds to support heavier usage.

HTC Internet service includes a high-speed modem that has been tested to provide maximum performance and includes wireless PC networking. Modems that may cause electronic or physical harm or are used for the unauthorized receipt of service are not permitted. 

HTC High-Speed Internet for residential customers includes equipment that allow you to connect up to 4 devices in your home. Depending on the age and number of devices you may need to purchase a router with dual band so the older devices do not slow your Wi-Fi connection.

Our 24/7/365 Technical Support staff will determine if the speeds delivered to your wireless router are those of your subscription plan. In some cases Technical Support will be able to advise regarding the number of devices and interference that are affecting your Wi-Fi, in other cases it may require an onsite service visit which may be billed at $75.00 per hour during normal Business Hours or $112.00 per hour after normal Business Hours. 

As a valued HTC High-Speed Internet residential customer, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security is FREE!

Just visit the page under Residential/High-Speed Internet. You must have an @sccoast.net email.