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HTC CEO Mike Hagg Announces Retirement

HTC CEO Mike Hagg

HTC has announced long-time Chief Executive Officer Mike Hagg will be retiring before the end of 2022. Hagg’s retirement comes after nearly three decades of service with HTC.

Hagg joined HTC in 1994 and was named CEO in 2010. Prior to assuming this role, he served in several different positions and departments, including Chief Operating Officer. In total, Hagg has approximately 40 years of telecommunications experience.

“Mike has been a dedicated and talented leader of HTC during his 28 years of service,” said Charles Whaley, president of the HTC Board of Directors.  “His leadership ability and overall work ethic is evident to those who have worked with him.  We, as a cooperative, have been very fortunate to have Mike shepherd us through such a tremendous growth phase and are very appreciative of his dedication and commitment to HTC. “

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1 thought on “HTC CEO Mike Hagg Announces Retirement

  1. Congratulations. I was with my company for 30 years and we retired young. Congratulations and enjoy! God bless!

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