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Tech Tuesday: Ed Piotrowski joins show to tout NASA app

In celebration of Falcon 9 launching two astronauts to orbit, HTC Tech Tuesday welcomes special guest AMS certified chief meteorologist and self-proclaimed space enthusiast Ed Piotrowski.

Piotrowski explains his in-depth weather forecasting wouldn’t be possible without the images and weather tracking satellites operated by NASA. While tracking the weather may not be your idea of a fun pastime, the NASA app can make science exploration exciting.

The NASA app has a number of interactive features, including NASA Television. Use this tool to watch NASA TV, view live pictures from space, and listen to NASA radio and podcasts.

The NASA Twitter feed engages followers with events like virtual tours of the Kennedy Center and science projects you can try at home.

Click on images to see pictures of space missions, planets, and photos of waterspouts and storms moving across the ocean, like the ones we experience along the South Carolina coast.

Receive the NASA image of the day and updates to NASA events when you turn on notifications by clicking the menu icon in the upper, right corner.

The NASA app is a good resource for teachers, kids, and families who may want to incorporate a little space adventure into their summer break.

As always, share your experiences and thoughts on social media using the #HTCTechTuesday, and e-mail any shareworthy ideas to Tech.Tuesday@htcinc.net. We’ll see you next week for another edition of Tech Tuesday!

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