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Creativity Keeps Customers Engaged During Coronavirus

As the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) calls for the close of restaurants, attractions and other non-essential businesses, owners are getting creative with how they stay in touch with customers. From touch-free delivery to online gym classes, business owners are rethinking the services they offer and adapting to the ever-evolving challenges brought on by this global health crisis.

For some businesses, staying afloat means changing how they operate on a daily basis, as is the case for restaurants who can no longer welcome guests into their dining rooms. For other organizations, finding a way to transition their services from an on-site experience to a virtual solution will help them wade the waters of COVID-19. Then there are the standout businesses and entrepreneurs who are developing some amazing ways to not only stay connected to current customers, but to build their consumer list despite the obstacles.

Whether you’re a business owner or loyal consumer who wants to offer ideas to your favorite brands, we’ve gathered the most creative ways small to medium-sized businesses are surviving the coronavirus.

Creative Small Business Ideas

  • Curbside delivery: For restaurants and bakeries that can’t open for a dine-in experience, they’re creating curbside delivery systems. Customers can place their order online or over the phone and pay with a credit or debit card. The customer drives up to the location and a gloved employee delivers bagged or boxed goods directly to the vehicle.
  • Face mask sewing: Businesses like Tara Grinna swimwear are turning their facilities into a space where volunteers can sew protective face masks for health care workers.
  • Front porch photos: A professional freelance photographer takes suggestions for neighborhoods via Facebook. The photographer creates a list of participating homes and travels the neighborhood snapping photos of the families on their front porch. The photographer is able to practice safe social distancing while still taking photos. Customers can pay digitally and receive their photos via email.
  • Fundraisers: For business owners who are forced to furlough or lay off employees, fundraisers are being held to support those unemployed team members.
  • Story time: For child-related businesses, like daycares, libraries or tutoring services, instructors are able to offer filmed or live read-along sessions. The Chapin Memorial Library hosts Storytime with Ms. Stacey.
  • Telehealth: Many medical facilities, like McLeod, Tidelands and Grand Strand Medical Center, are offering free virtual coronavirus screenings.
  • Virtual classes: Gyms are closed, but staying indoors for days at a time can make anyone a little stir crazy. A variety of gyms are offering virtual workout sessions to support their members through these uncertain times.
  • Virtual worship: Local churches are offering online worship service hours and youth group Zoom meetings to keep people connected to their faith.

Surviving Coronavirus as a Business Owner

At a time when health is the main priority, business owners are being forced into a creative corner to find ways to connect with customers without greeting them in person. As we watch and wait for the situation to unfold, it’s important for every business to adapt as best they can to remain successful.

Small Business Resources

Restaurants offering curbside or delivery service can expect a spike in call-in orders. Additional phone lines will help the restaurant keep up with demand and ensure customers don’t experience a busy signal when they call to place an order.

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