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HTC Services Support Local Businesses Through COVID-19 Outbreak

HTC Services Support Local Businesses COVID-19 had many effects on businesses, not the least of which is recognizing the importance of operating a reliable and secure network for employees. Communication with your team and customers is crucial, and as many businesses modified how they offered products and services, their technological needs also changed.

 As businesses begin the incremental migration back to normal operations, HTC can help ensure connectivity and information security for your employees and sensitive data. It’s our goal to make sure of all the challenges your business may face in any situation, communication isn’t one of them.

How HTC can help

HTC understands your business may take a gradual approach to returning to normal post COVID-19. As your team continues to operate from home offices or from within your traditional location, there are several services that can secure and improve your connection with one another and your customers.

  • PBX and hosted phone system management: No matter where your employees are located, they can all work under the same phone system. With virtual PBX features, all team members are just an extension call away from each other.
  • Call forwarding: You don’t want to miss a single call that comes into your business, and with call forwarding, you don’t have to. You can establish call forwarding to your mobile phone. So, when a customer calls your main business number, they’re automatically transferred to your mobile number with no interruption or manual hold and transfer, which can lead to many dropped calls.
  • Bandwidth evaluation: As more work is performed in the office or by your remote employees, can your bandwidth handle the increased load? You don’t want to slow productivity, so HTC can perform a bandwidth evaluation to determine if your current internet subscription fits the needs of your new style of business.
  • Remote data backup: Accidents happen. With employees tackling a new way to work, it’s possible you may face a few growing pains. If a laptop breaks or a project folder is accidentally deleted, HTC can help you retrieve that information with remote data backup. HTC safely and securely holds your private information in a cloud-based system and can retrieve it if necessary.
  • Temporary equipment: HTC has the ability to equip you for current and future growth. Handsets, mobile hot spots, and other hardware can be implemented to help your business run more efficiently.
  • Teleconferencing solutions: Your team doesn’t have to be in one location to have productive group work sessions. With teleconferencing solutions offered by HTC, your team has access to meet, share ideas and continue business without relying solely on email.
  • Managed network and firewall: Online hackers will always be a threat to your business’ private data, financial records, and client information. With one click, you or your employee could give dangerous malware the access it needs to steal private information or corrupt your entire network. HTC offers a managed network and firewall to fight against viruses, malware and other harmful digital agents that could negatively impact your business. It’s like having your own fully-staffed IT team around the clock.

Why it matters

While business owners take a step toward reestablishing store hours, customer relations, and product manufacturing, it’s not possible to predict all the changes ahead. Putting the necessary measures into place now will allow your team to work remotely if needed, maintain communication and keep your network protected. HTC is here to help. To learn more about our business services, call 843-369-6851.