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How is HTC Prepared for Increased Broadband Demand?


After one week of Horry County students being out of school and more employees working from home, HTC has experienced an estimated 10% increase in broadband demand. Your Cooperative anticipated and is prepared for the amplified network usage.

There will be a stronger reliance on connectivity, not only for remote work and eLearning, but for families seeking entertainment and refuge from the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. As we video conference with coworkers, FaceTime with family members and enjoy at-home binge sessions from our favorite streaming platform, we rely on a steadfast connection to the Internet.

To ensure the HTC network successfully maintains optimum service to all members:

1) HTC has built redundant routes to the Internet backbone, so in the event of a cut or failure on one side, the powerful network is still up.

2) HTC crews have been realigned from larger construction projects to smaller scale jobs to keep up with demand for new and continued service.

3) HTC has invested millions of dollars into our network over the last decade, creating one of the largest fiber optic networks in the state.

In addition to offering a robust network, HTC also recognizes the economic strain COVID-19 has placed on many families and businesses within the communities we serve. In an effort to support our members through this economically challenging moment, HTC is temporarily suspending any service disconnects for non-payment and waiving late fees, temporarily postponing a cable rate increase that was previously scheduled to begin April 1, and will provide a $20 bill credit to all residential and business Internet subscribers for April and May.

HTC has built a network that can endure an increase in demand and still remain just as powerful. We have a responsibility to the communities we serve and know that our network is built to withstand this unique situation. We understand you need to stay connected and are confident that, like our community, the HTC network is resilient and built to support the needs of each member through the uncertainty ahead.