HTC denied WBTW programming by Nexstar

Sunday, July 1, 2018 – Horry County, SC – Nexstar, the parent company of WBTW, has denied HTC the ability to provide local viewers WBTW and MyNetworkTV programming. This is a tactic to require HTC to pass through unreasonable rate increases to members in order to regain the programming. HTC was not willing to meet Nexstar’s demand for a 163% total increase from HTC’s current rate.

“This is not a decision that HTC takes lightly”, said HTC Chief Executive Officer Mike Hagg.  “We have been able to reach reasonable agreements with other programmers and prevent any interruption of service. We continue working to get WBTW and MyNetworkTV back on our cable lineup as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience as we try to negotiate a reasonable and fair rate.” 

In the meantime, subscribers in Georgetown County can view CBS programming on channel 17 or HD channel 817. All other subscribers can view CBS programming on Channel 19 or HD Channel 819 (Members who do not have a set top box may need to re-scan their television sets to see channels 19 and 819.) 


Also viewers can still watch WBTW news and weather using these options:

  • Live news and weather are available at or via the WBTW mobile app. 
  • An over the air antenna. Indoor and outdoor models are available at affordable prices from most electronics and big box stores.
  • CBS All Access provides the live stream of WBTW and can be accessed online, mobile or on television with a streaming device using the CBS All Access app.


“HTC never wants to put members in the middle of negotiations and temporarily lose programming while negotiations continue.  We want the membership to remain informed and feel confident that HTC will not stop battling against unprecedented rate increases.  We sincerely appreciate members voicing their on-going support of HTC during these negotiations,” Hagg explained.


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About HTC

HTC, Inc. is the nation’s largest telecommunications cooperative.  Founded in 1952, HTC celebrates over 65 years of service to Horry and Georgetown Counties as a local communications leader.  HTC offers High Speed Internet, Digital Cable, Digital Wireless, Home Security, local telephone and long distance service, and advanced business services such as Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN), Managed Networks, VOIP Solutions, WiFi Solutions, Firewall and Security services. HTC provides these services utilizing the area’s most extensive fiber optic network.

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4 thoughts on “HTC denied WBTW programming by Nexstar

  1. We are totally upset that we cannot watch WBTW programs due to the negotiations with Nexstar. This seems totally unfair to HTC customers that an amicable decision cannot be reached for the good of all involved. It seems these days that everyone is out to gouge the small people, which is just not fair. We demand that you negotiate fare rates for all involved and the sooner the better.

  2. I am very upset that i can not connect to WBTW programing due to the dispute with HTC. There should be away to fairly negotiate where all parties are happy. It is not fair to HTC customers to denied programing on WBTW. Please contiune negoting and resolve this issue as soon as possible. My sincere thanks in advance.

  3. I am writting out of being disgusted with regards to the denied WBTW programing. I feel it is unfair to the HTC customers such as myself along with other customers to be denied this access. By denying customers of access to watching WBTW this does not allow us to access our programs. A lot of us customers such as myself are seniors who don’t get out much and this is our only entertainment. So, I am asking you to please settle this dispute as soon as possible with fair rates to all involved. Thank you.

  4. Since being denied access to WBTW channel 13 I cannot watch the programs that I always watch. Don’t you think this is totally unfair to those of us who prescribe to HTC to not be able to watch this channel. It is so unfair that large corporations can take advantage of the small people. We the Subscribers to HTC would like this to be settled quickly and in the interest to all parties involved.

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