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HTC Launches Tech Tuesday

As a way to connect with students, families, and business owners searching for engaging and innovative ways to use broadband and Internet-capable devices, HTC launched Tech Tuesday. Each Tuesday, Marketing Coordinator Leslie Causey will introduce online viewers to creative apps, websites and other technology-based tools to make homework, business tasks and crafts a little easier.

It’s easy to understand the necessity of reliable high-speed Internet to keep major industries like education and healthcare running smoothly, but having broadband access in your home or on the go can pave the way to new virtual adventures. Each week, Leslie walks online users through an app, website, or tech tool that makes everyday tasks easier, more fun, or possible no matter where you are.

Past segments of Tech Tuesday have included a guided walk through Canva, an easy-to-use design tool that allows you to create invitations, flyers, social media graphics and much more. Other episodes concentrate on bettering your wellness, like the segment that introduced the Lose It app.

There are endless ways to put your broadband access to use. If you have a tech tool you think is share-worthy, email Tech.Tuesday@htcinc.net and include a link to the website, app or game you would like HTC to consider.

2 thoughts on “HTC Launches Tech Tuesday

  1. When are you finally going to have a streaming app for HTC? Every other cable company has one (see spectrum) and others such as Hulu, Youtube TV, Sling, etc.. HTC Now is ridiculous as you have to download every single app that pertains to that channel and often have to sign in every time you want to see 1 channel !!?? I’m running out of patience with so many other streaming cable apps available. What are you waiting for? If you say to get the kinks out it better be perfect because I don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth from HTC.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying, but I was researching with some other departments. The HTC TV MAX app will allow you to stream anyawhere you have ccess to your HTC Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, we cannot offer an all-inclusive TV Everywhere app at this time.

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