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HTC, Nexstar reach agreement for WBTW and MyNetwork TV

Friday, July 6, 2018 – Horry County, SC – HTC announced today that the Cooperative had executed a contract with Nexstar, the parent company of WBTW, to return WBTW (Channels 13 and 813) and MyNetworkTV (Channel 89) to the programming lineup in Horry County.


“Thank you to our members for their patience and understanding during these most intense negotiations.  We especially appreciate all who took the time to voice their support and provide feedback,” said Mike Hagg, HTC Chief Executive Officer.  “We want the membership to remain informed and feel confident that HTC will not stop battling against unprecedented rate increases.  While we can’t discuss the specifics due to confidentiality clauses, our members can feel confident that after rigorous negotiations, HTC was able to reach a more favorable agreement with Nexstar than originally proposed.” 


For a complete line-up, to leave a comment or to review the latest notice regarding negotiations, visit    For more information about how and why local companies like HTC are subject to these lopsided negotiations every few years, go to 


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HTC, Inc. is the nation’s largest telecommunications cooperative.  Founded in 1952, HTC celebrates over 65 years of service to Horry and Georgetown Counties as a local communications leader.  HTC offers High Speed Internet, Digital Cable, Digital Wireless, Home Security, local telephone and long distance service, and advanced business services such as Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN), Managed Networks, VOIP Solutions, WiFi Solutions, Firewall and Security services. HTC provides these services utilizing the area’s most extensive fiber optic network.

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1 thought on “HTC, Nexstar reach agreement for WBTW and MyNetwork TV

  1. It is in my firm belief that Nexstar strong armed HTC into an agreement, which is in violation of the public charter for a publicly owned cable company.
    That is by placing a requirement on HTC to be forced to sign a non disclosure agreement for the specific details of the over all contract in order to keep the contents of the underlying contract a secret from the very owners of the utility/cable company.
    Such an agreement violates about every known law against this type of behavior by a provider, whom was granted the privilege to conduct business for profit, while HTC itself exists purely for the public benefit.
    The fact remains the cable system itself was funded by the public, why are subscribers having to pay extra fees being placed by content providers for content in which Federal law has already made such so called public providers to also broadcast free digitally over the air?
    Nextstar has no legal logic to argue to even charge cable subscribers, since most could be given a cable switch box, that would allow their subscribers to switch between cable/cable box/ and over the air broadcasts.
    Nextstar appears to be violating many laws at this point, and should feel pretty blessed they are even given any monies from cable subscribers, considering the subscribers are being tormented with the absurd amount of advertisements being broadcasted on their channels.
    Without knowing the specific details, It’s difficult for me to comprehend that any agreement entered is actually amicable in the bigger picture.
    Considering it’s most likely such an agreement sets aside rate increases at various levels in the upcoming years.
    The subscribers of HTC will most likely come out on the bad end of this deal.
    I am not impressed with HTC’s negotiations in this over all picture.
    If anything they should be arguing against not only any increases, but the amounts subscribers already are being illegally forced to pay.
    Rest assured thank goodness there is a legal system that can look into the facts of the contract, even the parts attempted to be kept a secret, considering the costs are born by me, I have every Right to know every detail.

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