HTC Observes World Hunger Day

Food drive

During the month of May, HTC donated $6,000 to food kitchens throughout our service area. These included: Christian Missions Outreach; Community Kitchen; CAPS; North Stand Helping Hands; Master’s Table; and Shepherd’s Table. HTC was able to donate $1,000 to each organization. This month’s recipients strive to provide people with a healthy, filling meal and support hundreds of people throughout the area.

These donations are funded by HTC employees through the Cooperative’s “Jeans Day” fund. Employees contribute to the fund and in turn, are allowed to wear jeans to work on Friday. Monies collected from this fund then go toward causes that benefit the community and local charities and organizations.

To learn more about how HTC helps throughout the community, visit

Pictured are HTC Summer 2022 Interns volunteering at The Shepherd’s Table, June 2022. 

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