It is hurricane season, so be prepared

Hurricane Florence

It’s once again storm season in South Carolina, and although we hope the entire coast dodges a hit this year, one should always stay prepared.

Staying connected is vital during a storm, and preventive maintenance can help you stay in touch longer.

Here are some quick tips you can do to help your family stay safe in a scary situation:

  • Have a family communication plan in place, with one person as the central contact.
  • Program all your emergency numbers into your phone.
  • Keep phone lines open whenever possible. Too many callers jam the lines.
  • Purchase battery backups for VoIP equipment in case the power goes out, and consider getting a traditional landline phone.
  • Keep wireless batteries charged and an alternate plan to recharge them.
  • Try text messaging instead of calling.
  • Should you have to evacuate, use call forwarding.

Always remember that HTC retail locations offer free Wi-Fi should you need it after a storm.

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