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Get to Know Jeremy Boyd

HTC Residential Sales Associate

Jeremy Boyd has knocked on thousands of doors. While his official title is HTC Direct Residential Sales Associate, Jeremy will tell you that he’s just a friendly neighbor hoping to share a good conversation.

“I love people,” said Jeremy. “I can usually always learn something from everyone. I’m interested in their stories and connecting with them beyond HTC services.”

Each day, Jeremy travels through the neighborhoods that make up the entire HTC service area. His goal is to introduce HTC to as many people as possible by listening to their unique needs and building a personalized telecommunications plan that will support the entire home.

“We all lead busy lives, so if I can get someone to offer me just a couple minutes to share what the Cooperative has to offer and why we’re different, that can make all the difference,” said Jeremy. “I can find a commonality with just about anyone, so a conversation about high-speed internet can lead to us talking about home projects, sports, or just about anything.”

If you are interested in learning more about HTC services, email Jeremy by clicking the icon below.