Keep your pets cool, safe this summer

We all love the warm, summer sun. There’s nothing quite like gathering the family together for a day on the beach or picnic.

However, higher temperatures means higher risk of injury or sickness for our furry friends, as they don’t sweat the way humans do.

Here are 10 quick tips from Pet Cube to keep your best friend healthy and happy:

  1. Provide plenty of water and shade: Signs of dehydration include dry gums and drooling.
  2. Know the signs: Watch for heavy panting, thick drool, vomiting, diarrhea or wobbly legs.
  3. Never leave your pet in the car: It can take less than 10 minutes to develop heat stroke in dogs and cats.
  4. Apply sunscreen: Pets with a short or light coat can get sunburns too. Try applying sunscreen every 3-4 hours.
  5. Don’t shave your pet: A pet’s coat is naturally designed to keep it cool. Feel free to trim your pet’s fur, but never shave them.
  6. Mind your walking hours: Try to take walks in the early or latter part of the day, and take breaks in the shade.
  7. Keep your dog’s paws cool: Hot concrete or asphalt can not only burn your pet’s pads, but increase its body temperature.
  8. Keep parasites off: Ask your vet for the appropriate medication to combat fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
  9. Consider a life vest: Animals love cooling off in lakes and the ocean, but some don’t swim well.
  10. Keep your pets away from fireworks: Most know that many animals are afraid of fireworks and run away, but did you know that fireworks are made with chemicals like potassium nitrate that can poison your curious pet if eaten?

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