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Must-Watch Holiday Movies

Catch all of your favorite holiday movies this season (from anywhere in your house) with HTC TV MAX! Whether you’re ready to grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy an animated favorite with the family or you want to get cozy on the couch for a Hallmark holiday romantic film, you’ll find some great options on the HTC channel lineup. Find your holiday favorites on the most popular channels:

  • Hallmark: The classic Christmas channel will be airing new movies and old favorites the entire Christmas season.
  • CBS: Animated classics like Frosty the Snowman and The Story of Santa Claus will air at the end of November and throughout December.
  • ABC: Don’t miss Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, The Disney Holiday Singalong and many other Disney seasonal favorites beginning Thanksgiving night.
  • NBC: The Christmas season can’t possibly begin until you’ve seen the 89th Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center.

Look for these and other great programming options on the HTC program guide.

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